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The Flax Growers Bounty List, 1796

In 1796 the Irish Linen Board published a list of almost 60,000 individuals who had received awards for planting a specified acreage of flax. Those who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning-wheels, and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. The two counties with the highest number of awards were Donegal and Tyrone. The Flax Growers List is arranged by civil parish in each county except for Dublin and Wicklow, which were not included in the list. (In a few instances, the barony is listed instead of the parish.) While there is no indication of townland, this is still an extremely useful record source that goes back over thirty years earlier than the commencement of Tithe Applotment Books. Anyone researching their Irish ancestry will be able to pinpoint a forebear living in a particular parish at the end of the 18th century.

The surnames listed below are known to be related through marriage to the Wo(u)lfe family.


Co Cork


Alleyn, Charles Kilkerranmore
Buttemor, Robert Ardfield
Buttemore, Maurice Kilkerranmore
Buttemore, Timothy Ardfield
Bateman, Charles Drinagh
Bateman, Daniel Drinaghz
Bateman, John Drinagh
Bateman, Thomas Desertserges
Beamish, John Ardfield
Beamish, John Desertserges
Beamish, Thomas Dromdaleague
Bennet, Mary Kilmeen
Bennett, Henry  Drinagh
Bennett, John  Kilgarriff
Bennett, John  Kilmeen
Brian, Mary  Desertserges
Brian, William  Desertserges
Brien, Catherine  Kilkerranmore
Brien, Cornelius  Ardfield
Brien, Cornelius  Kilmeen
Brien, Daniel  Desertserges
Brien, Daniel  Drinagh
Brien, Daniel  Kilmeen
Brien, Daniel Rathbarry
Brien, Darby Drinagh
Brien, Darby Kilmeen
Brien, Denis Kilmeen
Brien, Dennis Caheragh
Brien, Dennis Drinagh
Brien, Dennis Ross
Brien, Eleanor Kilmeen
Brien, Ellen Drinagh
Brien, James Kilmeen
Brien, James Rathbarry
Brien, John Ardfield
Brien, John Desertserges
Brien, John Drinagh
Brien, John Fanlobbus
Brien, John Kilmeen
Brien, John Rathbarry
Brien, Mary Kilfaughnabeg
Brien, Timothy Ballymoney
Brien, Timothy Drinagh
Brien, Timothy Fanlobbus
Brien, Timothy Island
Brien, Timothy Kilmacabea
Brien, William Desertserges
Brien, William Island
Dean, Catherine Kilmeen
Eedy, Charles Kilmeen
Fitzpatrick, Timothy Castleventry
Ford, Samuel Desertserges
Fuller, William Kilmeen
Good, John Desertserges
Good, Joseph Ballymoney
Good, Thomas Ballymoney
Hayes, Mary Rathbarry
Hayes, Michael Ballymoney
Hayes, Michael Drinagh
Hayes, Timothy Fanlobbus
Heagerty, Daniel Kilmeen
Heagerty, Darby Drinagh
Heagerty, James Kilkerranmore
Heagerty, James Kilmeen
Heagerty, John Ardfield
Heagerty, John Drinagh
Heagerty, Mary Fanlobbus
Heagerty, Patrick Kilmeen
Hennessy, Arthur Fanlobbus
Hennessy, Daniel Fanlobbus
Hennesy, Arthur Ballymoney
Hennesy, Catherine Kilkerranmore
Hennesy, Daniel Ballymoney
Hennesy, Edmund Ballymoney
Hornybrook, Austin Drinagh
Jennings, George Drinagh
Jennings, John Drinagh
Jennings, John Kilmacabea
Kingston, Anne Desertserges
Kingston, Daniel Kilmocomoge
Kingston, George Kilmocomoge
Kingston, James Kilkerranmore
Kingston, John Caheragh
Kingston, Paul Dromdaleague
Kingston, Thomas Desertserges
Kingston, Thomas Kilmocomoge
Morris, William Fanlobbus
Paterson, Joseph Ballymoney
Roche, Timothy Ardfield
Sexton, Darby Kilnagross
Smith, Henry Desertserges
Smith, Thomas Desertserges
Stanley, David Ballymoney
Webb, George Drinagh
Webb, Sarah Fanlobbus
Wolfe, James Ballymoney
Wolfe, John Fanlobbus
Wolfe, Joseph Kilmeen
Woulfe, John Kilmeen
Young, Thomas Drinagh


There were many entries for Carthy and McCarthy




Wolfe, William, Esq. Parish : Kill  County : Kildare



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