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Wolfe and surnames related through marriage
extracted from

A Census of Ireland 1659 & Poll Ordinances

by Seamus Prender


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Poll Money Ordinances 1660

The following names were in the Poll Money Ordinances 1660 (an ordinance (tax) for the speedy raising of  moneys towards the supply of the army, and for defraying of other public charges..

Cork City:              Richard Travers Esq.; Zackary Travers

Bandon Bridge:      Thomas Beamish gent; William Wright


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1659 Census

The following names were found in the 1659 Census of Ireland (note: three folios for co cork were lost).  The term ‘Tituladoes’ is best explained as referring to the principal land holder

* Ibrickane and Burrough of English

County Barony Parishes Townships Tituladoes
Clare Tulla Killurane Poulefory and Cragancroyne Thomas Wolfe gent
Clare *Ibrickane Killumry Cahirrush Nicholas Wolfe gent
Clare Island Killoone Tir McLane Stephen Woolfe gent
Clare Island Dromcliff Gortganiff Richard Woolfe gent
Cork Kinsale Towne John Travers
Cork Kinsale Towne Ant. Stawell
Cork Kinsale Towne Walter Young
Cork Kinsale Towne Samuel Wright
Cork Bandon Bridge Jonathan Bennett
Cork Bandon Bridge John Bird
Cork Bandon Bridge Thomas Beamish
Cork Youghall Towne John Fuller
Cork Moyalle Towne William End
Cork Kinalea Inishonane Inishonane

Edward Adderly

Cork Kinalea Killmahonoge Knockanleamore Thomas Knowles
Cork Kinalmeaky Ballymoden East Gully Ralph Fuller
Cork Kinalmeaky Ballymoden Glancoolebeg Wllliam Fuller
Cork Kinalmeaky Ballymoden West Gully & Britace John Beamish
Cork Kinalmeaky Ballymoden Currevarehane & Britace Francis Beamish
Cork Kinalmeaky Desert Cashilmore Abel Nash gent
Cork Kinalmeaky Killogane Derregarriffe W. Thos French and son Thos.
Cork Kinalmeaky Killogane Derregarriffe W. George Wright and son Geo.
Cork Ibawe & Barymore Lislee Ballynemore Lady Travers, Richard Travers Esq. & sister, Sophia
Cork Coursies Kilmalody Kilmalody Richard Beamish; George Beamish Jnr. & dau. Eliz
Cork Coursies Kilmalody Skeafe East Samuel Kingston(e) & son John Kingstone
Cork Coursies Desert Tullemnorihy Edward Skuse
Cork Coursies Desert Ringarvagine & Garragine James Gillman
Cork Orery & Kilmore Kilbrony Ballingile Thos Denny
Cork Coursies Creagh Gortard Amus Bennett & Amus Jnr
Cork Coursies Cantred of Kilbritaine Tullagh Ballymore Frances Bennett


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