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Documents taken to Canada in 1827?
by James Haggertie

The following information was supplied courtesy of  Sharon M. Haggerty
London, Ontario N6G 1G7 

E-mail:  smhaggerty@canada.com
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Amongst the documents brought to Canada
by  James HAGGERTIE 1827? were the following: 

Highlighted surnames are known to have married into the Wolfe family

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A petition to the Bishop of Cork and Ross, Thomas St. LAWRENCE, dated 1766, which noted:

James Hagertie Senior now 84 years old is Licensed as Church Clerk for the parish of Kilmeen 56 years, that his Father, Grandfather and all his Ancesters in a hereditary Line since the Reign of King William have officiated as Church Clerks in the respective Parishes of Kilmeen and Ballimony, as by the Records and Registry may appear. [James Sr.] being now superannuated and a vacancy for both Church Clerk and School Master being in said parish at present, Most. Humble conceives himself fit for both and entitled at least to the office of Church Clerk according to your Lordships Pleasure and goodwill as his Father and Ancestors have been in succession Church Clerks since the conquest. . . he is a poor honest industrious young man with a heavy charge of a wife and five children and nothing to support them but his labor.

This document was signed by William DAVIS, John HAWKINS, Thomas GOOD, Joseph WOLFE, John BATEMAN and George HAGERTIE.


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A document, dated 15 October 1766 and signed by William GREGG, confirmed that James was "nominated by Charles WYE, Clerk Rector of the Parish of Kilmeen in our Diocese of Ross" and appointed Parish Clerk.

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A document concerning property assessments was signed by John WOLFE, George FULLER, Fran. SMYTH and Jams. HAGGERTIE, indicated that James HAGGERTIE and Jonathan EEDY were Church Wardens 24 March 1788. James Haggertie, Parish Clerk, was to be paid ‘at the rate of Eight Shillings and ninepence Sterling on Each and Every Plowland in P. Parish being 22 in number and ten Guineas Part of another Plowland’.

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A document dated 24 April 1788 was signed by Isaac WALKINS, Rector; James HAGGERTIE and Jonathan EEDY, Church Wardens; and John WOLFE, Georg FULLER, Frank SMYTH and Charles EDEY.


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A document dated 26 June, 1788: Justices of the Peace for the county of Cork authorized collection of "the sum of twenty Pound Seventeen shillings and one penny Sterling at the rate of eleven Shillings and Sixpence on Each and Every Plow Land in said Parish and if any of the said inhabitants shall refuse or neglect to pay the money charged on them by P. Assessments &c do hereby also impower and authorize you or either of you to levy the Same by Distress and Seal of the Goods of such Person and Persons who shall refuse or neglect to pay the same rending the over Pluss if any there be after deducting the charge of such Distress and Seal given under our hands and Seals this 26 Day of June 1788. Signed by Henry COX and John BERNARD.


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