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An Excerpt from Cork Evening Post 1794

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The Minister, Churchwarden and principal inhabitants of the Parish of Killmeen think it their duty now at the eve of the Assizes to return their thanks to the Government for the aid afforded them when their lives and property were at the mercy of a vicious deluded mob. To the timely appearance of the military and to that alone, they attribute their safety, and they earnestly hope that the necessary protection may not be withdrawn 'till the frenzy which had seized the lower classes and from which every danger was to be feared shall be somewhat subsided and 'till by a few well applied examples they shall be taught that the Law is all powerful and that the mildest Government, when roused to a certain degree, must punish’.

Signed: Isaac Watkins, Rector, James Hegertie and Sam Bateman,
Church Wardens, Francis Bennett of Letter, John Wright and Benjamin Wright, William Norwood, John Wallis, Jeffry Wallis, Thos. Northridge, Adam Hegertie, John Wolfe, George Fuller, Daniel Chambers, Pat Murrihy, Pat Boohane, Can Boohane, Owen Noonan, Robert Birchinell, Jeremiah Donovan, Daniel Connell, Cors. Dwyer and Cors. Cahalane


A History of Kilmeen and Castleventry Parish  by Daniel O'Leary

Highlighted surnames are known to have married into the Wolfe family.


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