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Chicago's Irish Families 1830-1900

Griffin James A. (Bishop of Springfield) born in Chicago on Feb. 27, 1883, the son of Thomas Griffin and Catherine Woulfe, both parents from Parish Ardagh, Co. Limerick. (Hackett)

Woulfe Thomas Jan. 26, 1898, at 702 W. 43rd st., husband of Maria, nee Broderick, brother-in-law of James Broderick, native of Rouskey, Aurdee, Co. Limerick. Funeral from St. Gabriel's Church to Calvary (1)

Nugent John, Mrs. of 45th and Wallace, received the news Tuesday morning of the death of her mother, Mrs. Robert Mulcahey of Ash Grove, Co. Limerick. Her mother's father, Edward Richard Wolfe, held the position of Poor Law Guardian in the Newcastle West Union for 46 years, and when the ravages of the famine period 1847-48 were rendering homeless and destitute the poor people of her father's district, she was the foremost of seven daughters to accompany him on the mission of relief and comfort to the distressed and needy. She was 71 yrs. old and left behind her: Mrs. Nugent, Mrs. John Barry and three sons in Ireland--John, Edward, and Timothy Mulcahey. -Feb. 4, 1893 (2)

Wolfe John E. May 31, 1897, at 358 W. 47th st., husband of Bridget, nee Carmody, aged 44 yrs., native of Ashgrove, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. Funeral from St. Cecelia's Church to Mt. Olivet (1)

Wrenn Thomas C. at 5219 - 5th ave., husband of Nellie, nee Wolfe, father of Maurice J., Richard F., Thomas J., John F., and Loretta Wrenn, aged 41 yrs., native of Devonroad, Co. Limerick. Funeral from St. Anne's Church to Mt. Olivet -May 8, 1900 (1)


Chicago's Irish Families 1830-1900

Flynn Mary nee Shine, wife of John, native of Glin, Co. Limerick. Funeral from resid., 293 Aberdeen st. to Holy Family Church to Mt. Carmel cemetery -June 25, 1901 (1)

Flynn Patrick native of Co. Limerick, died May 8, 1903; Margaret Flynn, his wife, died Feb. 14, 1910; Thomas P. Flynn, died Sept. 19, 1902, aged 6 yrs., 6 mos; Section X (3)

Flynn William born in Co. Limerick on March 24, 1843, came with his family to Chicago in 1852 and joined the Chicago Police force in 1874. (26)




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