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                            The Nash family in Ireland


5bl.jpg (815 bytes)The Nash Surname 5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Cork & Ross Marriage License Bonds
5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Nash Wills Co Cork

5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Magistrates and Chief Magistrates of Bandon

5bl.jpg (815 bytes)List of 49 Officers in 1649

5bl.jpg (815 bytes)A few Nash Tithes
5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Nash Births and, Marriages 5bl.jpg (815 bytes)The Clergy of Cork, Cloyne and Ross 
5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Griffith's Valuation  5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Deed for Kingston & Wolfe
5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Nash Connections  5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Cork City & County Directory 1842-3; 1824
5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Piggots Directory 1824 5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Bandon History List of Protestant Settlers
5bl.jpg (815 bytes)1766 Census 5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Return of Land Owners 1876
5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Nash / Bennett / Wolfe connection

5bl.jpg (815 bytes)Provost of the Protestant Party

5bl.jpg (815 bytes) Nash Entries in Newspapers 5bl.jpg (815 bytes)

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Research of the Author
Kate Press, 71 Claremont Ave., Malvern, Victoria 3144. Australia.  


Primarily I am researching John Wolfe.  In 1827 in the parish of Ballymoney John Wolfe married Rebecca Nash, poss of Brinny but this is not proven.   Rebecca was born  Abt. 1800.

Researching all Nash. Kingston, Castle, Buttimer, Bennett,
Fleming and
Wolfe / Woulfe families
in West Cork -- including families in the townlands/parishes of Ballylangley, Clonakilty, Skibbereen, Tawnies, Coolerheen, Inchnatin, Bandon, Beanhill, Ashgrove, Lisselane, Bawnlahan, Meil, Coolcraheen, Rosscarbery, Derreen, Kilvurra, Kilgariffee, Fanlobbus, Kilbrogan, Kilmaloda, Kilnagras, White church, Ballineenm, Schull, Castleventry, Inchigeelagh etc.

Abel Wolf(e) b. c1800 m. Mary Kingston in 1825
        Mary b. 1834 Parish of Ballymoney
        Anne b. 1835 Parish of Ballymoney

John Wolf(e) b. c1800 m (1). Rebecca Nash in 1827 (my g.g.g.grandparents)    

        Mary 1831 Parish of Kilmeen, married Richard Barnard Barclay Holden
        Rebecca }   Twin    b. 1834 Parish of Kilmeen
                                       m.Henry Robinson (my g.g.grandmotheer)
        Elizabeth }   Twin    b. 1834  Parish of Kilmeen

John  Wolfe (yeoman farmer) leased land at Cahargariffe in the Barony of Bear, parish of Killaconenagh. (nr Bantry Bay)
He also leased land at Tawnies (nr Clonakilty) Barony of  East Carberry (Eastern Division) Parish of Kilgarriffe
And he leased land at Kilvurra in the Barony of East Carberry  (Eastern Division) Parish of Ballymoney.

John Wolfe m. (2) c1840-1  Elizabeth (Lizzie) † Castle of Inchnatiin
Abigail b. 14 Nov. 1841 Pariah of Kilmeen. Abigail married Alexander

†  A group of settlers to Bandon in 1620. were Puritans and were called the English Protestants.  They were principally from Taunton and Kingston in Somersetshire Co., England. Bennett suggests in his book "History of Bandon" that a group of Puritans left on the Mayflower. Among many, the English surnames include Castle, Flemming, and Kingston.  Bennett suggests in his book "History of Bandon" that a group of Puritans left on the Mayflower.

The surnames Nash, Kingston, Stanley, Buttimer, Good, Bateman, Beamish, Damery, Swanton, Buttimer, French and Wolfe are all found in and around Bandon and the parish of Derestserges.  These families are all related through marriage.




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The Nash Surname

NASH: de Nash. This English locative name (from atten ashe) has become hibernicized in counties Limerick and Kerry.

Irish Families Edward McLysaght.



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Cork, Cork & Ross
Marriage License Bonds

1679   Nash John Catherine French
1685 Nash Thomas? Also Laqincams??
1703 Nash John Mary Olave
1709 Nash Llewellen  Margaret Porter
1710 Nash John Mary Carpenter
1714 Nash Abigail John Nash
1714 Nash John Abigail Nash
1723 Nash Lewellen Anne Rowland
1723 Nash John  Mary Cohiran?
1738 Rebecca Nash Thomas Beare (see will)
1738 Nash Mary William Jackson clk
1744    Nash Thomas?? John Reade clerk
1745 John Nash Elizabeth Woolfe
1748 Nash James Elizabeth Danes
1780 Rebecca Nash William Dingle
1819 Rebecca Nash Thomas Fleming
1832 Rebecca Nash Moses Adderley


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Cork Wills

see also Nash wills at Cork and Ross will under Wolfe

Cork: John Nash of Brinny signed 12 March 1746 proved 6 June 1751.

Only son of John Nash, well beloved friend archdeacon Crofton, daughter Mary Nash, daughter Mary Jackson, daughter Thamer Reade, daughter Rebecca Beare, son John, sole executor. Witnesses R Beare and D Desmond.


Cork: John Nash of Bandon signed 5 Novembr 1725 proved 29 June 1726.

Daughter Abigail Martin of Bandon, wife Mary Nash, sole executor. Witnesses Richard and Mary Clarke and Francis Lisson.

Re above will: The celebrated Shane Deary: see Bennett’s History of Bandon — his first wife is given as Abigail Whelphy and his 2nd wife was named Mary (surname unknown)


Cork: Edward Nash of Bandon Bridge signed last day of March 1675.

Son John Nash, three grandsons by my daughter Mary Rice viz James , Edward and Henry Rice, granddaughter Mary, daughter of John Nash, overseers John Bawldwin, James Dixon, "my beloved friend" , dau Mary Nash. Witnesses: James Baldwin, James Dixon, John Nash and James Rice.


Cork: Richard Nash 1652 (Too difficult to read —no use)

Cork: Abel Nash. 27 November 1679. (Too difficult to read —no use)

Nash, Henry Milward
Effects Under 1,000
24 August 1860
Letters of Administration of the Personal Effects of Henry Milward Nash late of Lotaville in the City of Cork Esquire Bachelor deceased who died 25 June 1860 at the River Lee Cork were granted at Cork to Eliza Nash of Lotaville aforesaid the Mother the next of kin of said deceased.

Nash, The Reverend Thomas Edmond
Effects Under 700
17 August 1860
Letters of the Administration of the Personal Effects of the Reverend Thomas Edmond Nash late of Macroom in the County of Cork Clerk deceased who died 21 March 1853 were granted in to Anna Maria Nash of the Park Queenstown in said County Widow of said deceased.



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Provost of the Protestant Party

The articles of peace were signed on the 2nd of March, 1689-90, by Major-General McCarthy, on behalf of King James, and James Dixon, John Nash [provost of the Protestant party of Bandon], Saul Bruce, Thomas Foster, and Robert White on behalf of the townspeople.



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Magistrates and Chief Magistrates
of Bandon

John Nash 1691 Bandon

John Nash 1703 Bandon

John Nash 1711 Bandon

John Nash 1723 Bandon

John Nash 1724 Bandon


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List of Officers in 1649

Enrolments of the Adjudications*  in favour of  AD 1649 Officers formerly denominated the "49 Lots".  Records preserved in Office of the Chief Remembrancer of the Exchequer, Dublin

* Adujications refer to the arrears of the Commissioned Officers who served Charles II or Charels I  in the Wars of Ireland before the 5th June 1649

Ensign George Nash

Ensign Patrick Nash

I Randall Waiver (spelling ?) of Kilcolman, Barony of Kinalmeaky  was at the house of Abel Nash ek...?  sons John and Samuel, wife Avis Nash, farm of Goggen Son-in-law Mathew Whelphy.

Cork: Elizabeth Nash 1st September 1652.

The sons, brother-in-law John McPatrick, Captain Bromby and Samuel Kingston mentioned.

5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

Cork: Mathias Perceival Nash gent. of Bandon, one of the free Burgesses of the borough of Bandonbridge:

Bequests to wife, Mary, estate in many houses, mel sic corn etc. After legacies sold, to Mary Brown, dau of son-in-law, Samuel Browne, 30.0.0 

To said Samuel 5.0.0, clothes and lower part of garden behind house to which Mr. Richard ? lives; to his sons Samuel and John 5.0.0. each; to Abigail Nash, wife of John Nash, my niece, 10.0.0; to the poor of Kilbrogan 20/- ; to Kilbrogan widows 30/-. If grandchildren, Mary Samuel and John Browne all die, their legacy to go to Abigail Nash for the child to be born to her, either a son or daughter. Overseer John Dixon: and he to have rapier? and shoulder belt; to granddaughter, Mary Beare, house and furniture at death of wife.

Executor wife. Signed 24 December 1673
witness James Dixon.

Probate to wife 15 January 1763


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A Few Tithes

Note: the acreage is measured in Irish acres, not imperial

1825 Tithe Applotment for the Parish of Clonmeen
Diocese of Cloyne Barony of Duhallow

Town land of Drumcumerbeg [or Horse Island]

John M. Nash Esq. 39 acres
Rev. Robert A. Nash 4 acres

5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

1825 Tithe Applotment for the Parish of Rahan
Diocese of Cloyne, Co Cork Barony of

Townland of Knockbrack

Michael Nash 2-0-38 acres
James Nash     4-1-36 acres

5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

1832 Tithe Applotment for the Parish of Kilbrin
Diocese of Cloyne       Barony of Duhallow

Townland of Ballyheen

John Nash & John Nash Esq. 136 acres
James Nash Esq.   44  acres


Townland of Ballynoe

William Nash 45 acres

5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

1832 Tithe Applotment for the Parish of Kilbrin
Diocese of Cloyne Barony of Duhallow
Townland of  CLASH

James Nash Esq. 121 acres

5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

1825 Tithe Applotment for the Parish of Clonmeen #4
Diocese of Cloyne      Barony of Duhallow
Town land of LOUGH LEAGH

Mr. Thomas Nash 7 ACRES


5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


NASH, A. Deacon, 25 March, and Priest, 27 May, 1822, both at Cloyne.


NASH, EDMOND. Priest, at Cloyne, 14 April, 1822.


Deacon, 12 Sept., 1802, and Priest, 24 August,1806, both at Cloyne. This was probably Edward Nash, who married, on 2 August, 1808, at St. Peter's, Cork, Clementine Ferguson, and had issue a son, Charles-Ferguson, and several daughters.


Son of John Nash, esq., of Brinny, by Elisabeth Cornwall. Born in Feb., 1813. Entered T.C.1). in 1832. Deacon, at Chester, for the curacy of Heywood, in Lancashire, in December, 1838. Priest, at Chester, in 1840. Licensed on 21 Aug., 1841, to the curacy of Ringrone, and. on 16 Aug., 1860, to that of Drimoleague, Cork. He married in 1843, and has issue ten children.

Note: in 1854 Henry Cornwell Nash married Elizabeth Johnston of Mitchelstown,  in the parish of Bandon. Reg No. 2/738

Information supplied by Brinny Lyster   <>  26 March 2010 (Henry Nash is her Great Grandfather)

Correction 'Elizabeth Johnston' was 'Kathleen Eaton',  Brinny Lyster   <>  22 April 2010.



Deacon, 17 Oct., 1824, and Priest, 14 August, 1825, both at Cloyne. He was grandson of Rev. W. Nash (II, 69), and married, in 1832, Catherine Peard, of Fermoy. He was buried at Farrally, 23 Nov., 1857.


NASH, WILLIAM. II, 69, 36,t.


Son of William Nash, esq., by Ellen, dau, of Florence Mahony, of Killarney, and grandson of Miebael Nash, of Rosacon, Kanturk, who married, in 1789 [M. L. August 11], Mareella Devereux, of Firville, near Mallow. He was born 14 January, 1831, and educated at Caius College, Cambridge, where he graduated in honors in 1854. Deacon, at Cork, 21 Dec., 1855, and Priest, at Kilmore, 30 May, 1858, on letters dimissory from Cork, for the curacy of Kilmahon, Cloyne, where he remained three years. Then Curate of St. Luke's, Berwick-street, a district church of St. James, Piccadilly, London, for more than two years, and afterwards Curate of St. George's, Hanover-square. In July, 1861, appointed by Lord Willoughby de Eresby to the Rectory of Belleau and Vicarage of Aby, with Claythorpe and Greenfield, in the county and diocese of Lincoln. He married, in August, 1862, Louisa-Arthur, younger dau. of John Gregory Esq., sometime Governor of the Bahamas.



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Fasti Eccleslae Hibernicae

The Succession of Prelates and Members
of the Cathedral Bodies of Ireland, 1851


1751    William Nash M.A. collatted April 29

1833     Edward Nash B.A.   collated Oct 5th. In Dec. 1847 he resigned.


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Nash Births and Marriages


Elizabeth Carr married Andrew Nash 1785 Cork, Nashville

On 9 July 1868 the death of Mary Nash, 5 week old, dau of John Nash occ carpenter, was registered in the district of Bandon

Patrick McCarthy and wife Catherine Nash . Catherine, b c.1816, was a daughter of Dennis Nash and Mary F. Lynch.  Patrick McCarthy died in Ireland.
Catherine emig

TOP5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


LDS film 0101139 BDMs Quarterly returns 1866

1 Oct 1866 Katrina dau of Henry Nash (gentleman) of "Glenbrine"? Brinny, Bandon and Eliza (nee Johnston) Nash
Birth registered 29 Dec 1866


5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


Griffith's Valuation

Nash Entries for County Cork
Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864

The Griffith's Valuation entries below were extracted from microfiche published by Irish Microform..

Given name, Surname    Parish Townland
Robert Nash Kilmeen Clookirgeen
Henry Nash Esq. Brinny Clashanimud
Rev George Nash Brinny Clashanimud
Rev George Nash Brinny Brinny
Henry Nash Esq. Brinny Brinny
John Nash Brinny Kilpatrick

The Griffith's Valuation entries below were extracted from the commercially released CD-ROM by Briderbund (Banner Blue Divisiion)..  It has been noted that the disk has some omissions and errors. Check these entries against the microfiche pub;ished by Irisih Microform.

Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864
Nash, Alicia    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Finbars
    Location : Brownningstown
Nash, Andrew    County : Cork
    Parish : Doneraile
    Location : Cloustoge
Nash, Andrew    County : Cork
    Parish : Doneraile
    Location : Kilconnor
Nash, Anne    County : Cork
    Parish : Drishane
    Location : Tullig
Nash, Caroline    County : Cork
    Parish : Clonmeen
    Location : Dromcummer Beg
Nash, Christopher    County : Cork
    Parish : Kilbrin
    Location : Ballyheen, Middle
Nash, Christopher    County : Cork
    Parish : Kilbrin
    Location : Ballyheen, North
Nash, Denis    County : Cork
    Parish : Clonmeen
    Location : Dromcummer Beg
Nash, Rev. Edward    County : Cork
    Parish : Templerobin
    Location : Carrignafoy
Nash, Eliza    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Finbars
    Location : Ballintemple
Nash, Ellen    County : Cork
    Parish : Kilbrogan
    Location : Kilbrogan Street Bandon
Nash, Mrs. Ellen    County : Cork
    Parish : Monkstown
    Location : Maulbaun (Lucia Place)
Nash, Frances/Francis    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Anne's Shandon
    Location : Bridge Street
Nash, Geoffrey    County : Cork
    Parish : Ballinadee
    Location : Cloghane
Nash, Rev. George    County : Cork
    Parish : Brinny
    Location : Brinny
Nash, Rev. George    County : Cork
    Parish : Brinny
    Location : Clashanimud
Nash, George    County : Cork
    Parish : Cork, Holy Trinity
    Location : Prince's Street Cork
Nash, Rev. George    County : Cork
    Parish : Ringrone
    Location : Ballincurrig
Nash, George    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Annes Shandon
    Location : Grattan's Hill
Nash, George    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Annes Shandon
    Location : King Street
Nash, Henry, Esq.    County : Cork
    Parish : Brinny
    Location : Brinny
Nash, Henry, Esq.    County : Cork
    Parish : Brinny
    Location : Clashanimud
Nash, Jeoffrey    County : Cork
    Parish : Ballinadee
    Location : Cloghane
Nash, Jeremiah    County : Cork
    Parish : Moviddy
    Location : Castlemore
Nash, John    County : Cork
    Parish : Ballyhooly
    Location : Village of Ballyhooly (Main St)
Nash, John    County : Cork
    Parish : Brinny
    Location : Kilpatrick
Nash, John    County : Cork
    Parish : Cork, Holy Trinity
    Location : George's Street Cork
Nash, John    County : Cork
    Parish : Doneraile
    Location : Cloustoge
Nash, John    County : Cork
    Parish : Rathgoggan
    Location : Charleville Baker's Lane
Nash, John    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Nathlash
    Location : Ballyvoddy. Village of Rockmills.
Nash, Joseph    County : Cork
    Parish : Brinny
    Location : Kilmore
Nash, Joseph    County : Cork
    Parish : Brinny
    Location : Kilnagnady
Nash, Joseph    County : Cork
    Parish : Kilcully
    Location : Killeendaniel
Nash, Joseph    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Marys Shandon
    Location : Commons
Nash, Joseph    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Marys Shandon
    Location : Fair Lane Cork
Nash, Joseph    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Marys Shandon
    Location : Garranabraher
Nash, Joseph    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Marys Shandon
    Location : Knocknacullen, East
Nash, Joseph    County : Cork
    Parish : Whitechurch
    Location : Kilcronan
Nash, Rep. Llewellyn    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Marys Shandon
    Location : Blarney-Lane Cork
Nash, Rep. Llewellyn    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Marys Shandon
    Location : Old Market Place Cork
Nash, Mary    County : Cork
    Parish : Aghinagh
    Location : Mashanaglass
Nash, Mary    County : Cork
    Parish : Kilbrin
    Location : Ballynoe
Nash, Mary    County : Cork
    Parish : Rathgoggan
    Location : Rathgoggan, Middle
Nash, Michael    County : Cork
    Parish : Castlemagner
    Location : Garraunteefineen
Nash, Michael    County : Cork
    Parish : Clonfert
    Location : Coolacoosane
Nash, Michael    County : Cork
    Parish : Clonfert
    Location : Curragh
Nash, Michael    County : Cork
    Parish : St. Nathlash
    Location : Ballynahalisk. Village of Rockmills.
Nash, Patrick    County : Cork
    Parish : Rathgoggan
    Location : Rathgoggan, Middle
Nash, Rebecca    County : Cork
    Parish : Kilcully
    Location : Killeendaniel
Nash, Robert    County : Cork
    Parish : Brinny
    Location : Brinny
Nash, Rev. Robert    County : Cork
    Parish : Fermoy
    Location : Carrignagroghera/T/Fermoy: Thomas-St
Nash, Robert    County : Cork
    Parish : Kilmeen
    Location : Clookirgeen
Nash, Robert    County : Cork
    Parish : Kinsale
    Location : Rathmore, Barrak Street
Nash, Samuel    County : Cork
    Parish : Desertserges
    Location : Cappaknockane
Nash, Samuel    County : Cork
    Parish : Desertserges
    Location : Farrannasheshery
Nash, Thomas    County : Cork
    Parish : Aghinagh
    Location : Mashanaglass
Nash, Thomas    County : Cork
    Parish : Clonmeen
    Location : Clonmeen, South
Nash, Thomas    County : Cork
    Parish : Farahy
    Location : Ballynoe
Nash, Thomas    County : Cork
    Parish : Kilbrin
    Location : Clash
Nash, Rev. Thomas E.    County : Cork
    Parish : Macroom
    Location : Town Macroom, Castle St.
Nash, Rev. Thomas Edwd    County : Cork
    Parish : Macroom
    Location : Sleveen East
Nash, Rev. W. R.    County : Cork
    Parish : Rathcooney
    Location : Lotamore
Nash, William    County : Cork
    Parish : Carrigrohane
    Location : Chapel Lane West Ballincollig
Nash, William    County : Cork
    Parish : Clonmeen
    Location : Killarush
Nash, William    County : Cork
    Parish : Cork, St. Paul
    Location : Faulkener's Lane
Nash, William    County : Cork
    Parish : Leighmoney
    Location : Ballydonaghy


5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

Deed for Kingston &Wolfe

This is a transcript of the Deed (registered) 1844 7 293 dated 7th Oct 1843

Abel Wolfe, Clonakilty, Co Cork, shoemaker, John Wolfe, Cahargariffe, Co Cork, yeoman. (1); Samuel Kingstown, Clonakilty, farmer, (2).

Reciting that (1) demised to (2) land at Tawnies, Barony of East Carberry. Co Cork.


5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


The County and City of Cork
General Directory of 1842-3

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy [Under Cork Post Office p149]

Name                         Seat                             Post Town

John Nash Esq.         Brinny                          Bandon

Joseph Nash Esq      Carhue                          Bandon

James Nash Esq.      Tullig House                 Millstreet

William Nash Esq.     Droumsligo                 Mallow

Webb Nash Esq.        ShannonSquare            Clonakilty

George Nash Rev.    Courceys                     Kinsale

J  Nash Esq.               Browningstown          Cork

Llewellyn Nash Esq   Douglas Road Cork [see Marriage License Bandon Cork]


Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824


Nash, L. South Mall, Cork City


Nash, Wm. 42 South Mall, Cork City


Nash, Wm. Fauliner's lane & Patrick Street, Cork City

ST. PETER’s, Cork City
Curates,  Rev. William Nash, South Mall



5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


Pigots Directory 1824


Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

Nash, John M. esq of Bellevue
Nash, David


Nash, Mrs. 


5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


1766 Census

Parish of Youghal

Capt. Nash

Parish of Kilworth, Union of Macroney & Ballhooly

Edmond Nash
David Nash



5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


Return of Land Owners 1876

Return of Owners of Land of One Acre and Upwards in the Several Counties, Counties of Cities and Counties of Towns in Ireland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1988. Originally published: Dublin: H.M.S.O. 1876

This gives a list of owers of properties (1876) upward of 1 acres or 5 valuation.

Caroline Nash, address England, owned 426 acres.
Charles F. Nash, address Tralee, owned 479 acres.
Christopher Nash, Reps. of, address Balleheen, Kanturk, owned 143 acres.
Mary Nash, no address given, owned 56 acres.
Matthew B. Nash, address Ballinacurra, Bandon, owned 223 acres.
Michael Nash, address Clash, Kanturk, owned 13 acres.


5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


Nash Connections

Message posted by Charles Brack <> on Wed, 12 Aug 1998

I am researching Catherine (nee Nash) McCarthy. Born ca 1816, the dau. of Dennis Nash and Mary F. Lynch.  She was the widow of Patrick McCarthy.

Catherine McCarthy and daughter Mary E. McCarthy emigrated to Boston in the early 1850s and there may have been other family members with them.


5l.jpg (3274 bytes)


Message posted by Mary   <> on 28th August 200

According to family lore, six Nash siblings came to the US in the late 1840s from Bandon, Co. Cork. It is presumed that they came together, but that may not be the case given the birth places of the children listed in the census. The siblings were Samuel and wife Bridget Canty, Mary and husband Jeremiah Mahanna, John and wife Ellen, Nancy and husband John Hooley or Whooley, Patrick and wife Margaret Dwyer and Joseph. The 1850 census of Clinton Co, NY shows Joseph and Catherine age 70, who I presume was his mother. I have a lot of information on the descendants, would love suggestions for finding more on the family in Ireland.


5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

Unfortunately the following e-mail had some incomplete sentences.

Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998  From: (Denis F. Lawless)
Subject NASH/Lawless

Paul Lawless 1817-1865, emigrated to Australia in 1840 with his brother, Clement. He decided in 1855 to return to Ireland to see his people and to seek a wife. He met Ellen Nash who was the only daughter of William. Nash of Ross, Drumcumma, near Mallow in Co. Cork & Ellen Mahony of Dunlow. Ellen was brought up in Bath, England by her grandmother and aunt, and educated by a selection of governesses who taught her languages & music. at which she became highly proficient. None of these pursuits pointed to the life she was to lead as the wife of a squatter - far removed from the quiet and gentle atmosphere of her grandmother's home.

Ellens brothers, the elder, Florence, was an engineer; the second, the Rev. Wm. Nash, for some years Rector of Somerby, in Lincolnshire; the younger brother, Robert, was drowned whilst serving as a midshipman in the Royal Navy.

Ellen Nash & Paul Lawless were married in St. Saviour's Church, Bath, by her brother, William Nash and Paul's brother, Rev. John Lawless-Pyne, on the 4th Nov. 1858. During their stay in Edinburgh & London, Paul took his young bride to Ireland where he went for a season's hunting before leaving for Australia. They rented a house from the London ? Mary and here Ellen had her first taste of housekeeping with Irish servants ple ? prospect of an easy time at her expense. (Castle Mary is believed to be named a ? Hawnby of Mallow, the w/o the first Longfield. Mary died in 1757. John Longfield of Denbeigh, Wales. Castle Mary is now owned by the Hurley family. D.F.L. Nov. 199?

Paul & Ellen later went to Australia and by 1864 they had 4 children. Paul's he ? concern and it was decided to travel to London to seek the best advice. With th? and Ellen left Booubyjan in December, arriving in England in May, 1865. They sailed from Sydney in the "Colonial Empire", rounding Cape Horn. Clement and his wife met and took them across to Ireland and "Kilcrone" where they spent some weeks. Paul's health deteriorated and he died at Youghal in August, 1865. He was buried near Cork. Ellen erected a monument (possibly in the Cathedral at Cloyne) to he ? It was a huge Emu and a Kangaroo holding up a big tablet between them.

(Lawless, John, esq. (Wood-view) Co Cork)
(Lawless, Thos., esq. (Ballymaloe Castle) Co Cork)

Denis Lawless, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

From: "Lorraine Egan" <>
Fri, 29 Jun 2001

I am a direct descendent of one of English Protestant Settlers in Bandon. 1590, Radley with supporting documents. I am very interested in NASH line, who married into my fathers line, Leahy from Schull.

My grandmother was Catherine NASH from Clash, Kanturk, born 1866 to Michael NASH and Ellen Lyons.  Michael Nash owned l3 acres at Kanturk, and was mentioned in Return of Landowners 1876.

My cousin, John Leahy, has done a lot of research on NASH family.

Lorraine EGAN

5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

Barb Ziek February 05, 1999

My gggggrandmother was Sarah Timmings who married Joseph Nash. She was born in 1759. Family lore has it that Sarah Timmings was the illegimate daughter of Katharine Lothar and James Wolfe. This is family lore. I have no proof.

5l.jpg (3274 bytes)

This entry was received from Bill Tufts of Ottawa Valley  on 5 Jul 1998  (Bill Tufts)

Saw your Nash inquiry & will include it as another piece to the family puzzle. My Nash family were before your generations, so a link somewhere is tentative. Most of the work I've done to date centres more on my Seymour & Kingston end of this family group and much of the Irish end can be summed up in a few e-mail messages I read. The Seymours went to New Brunswick, Canada, (most of them) in 1832. But there is a link between them and Australia. This I learned last fall. It may be that your line followed earlier kin to Australia, although I understand there was a migration "down under" that was spurred in the 1850s with the gold rush.

              Richard Nash  = Helen Hewitt/Huitt
Edward Seymour       Susan Nash                   Samuel Kingston        Anne Stanley
b 1754                        b. 1769                         b 1767 Bandon          b.c 1767 Cork
d.1829                       d. 1839                          d.Aust                        d. Aust.
     |_________________|                                |__________________|
               |                                                                           |
William Seymour b1801                                              Ellen Kingston b 1802

All of above b. Ireland, most likely in and around Bandon, Co. Cork

EDWARD SEYMOUR , b. 1754 at Kilpatrick, Co. Cork, Ireland, (1)
He d. Apr., 1829 at (prob. N.B. & prob. Fredericton area). He m. when?
SUSAN NASH , d/o Richard NASH. and Helen Hewitt//Huitt

Susan was b. 1769  d. Jan., 1839 at ? Had issue

  1. Lydia Seymour  m. - Sargent (or Seargeant), settled in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
  2. Mary Seymour  d. 1857 Ireland
  3. Sarah Seymour  d. 1861
  4. Susan Seymour d. 1839 Ireland
  5. Thomas Seymour d. 1848, emigrated 1826
  6. Edward Seymour b. 1798, emigrated 1822 to Nashwaak River (near Fredericton), m. Susan ? , b.c. 1828
  7. Jane Seymour b. 1799, m. a Captain SPURR, settled in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
  8. William Seymour b. 1801, m. Ellen KINGSTON b. 1802.
  9. George Seymour (1803-1857), emigrated 1832 to McLeod Hill (near Fredericton), m. Margaret GOOD (1805-1880)
  10. Nicholas Seymour b.1807, m. Catherine
  11. John Seymour b. 1816, d. April 23, 1868 in Ireland

The parish of Kilpatrick is a few miles southwest of Cork city and 3 miles to the south of the village of Carrigaline. The riverside road from Carrigaline to Cork would pass through Douglas

William Jervois, Genealogist, Albany Museum, Grahamstown, South Africa August 27, 1997

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(data from Glenn Corbin   Sep 24, 1997

b.c 1767 at Bandon, County Cork, Ire.
d. Australia
m. 26 June 1800 at Murragh, Rosscarbery (Church of Ireland)
b. b. 177? in Ire.
d. in Australia

  1. Ellen, Kingston bc. 1802, m. 16 April, 1830 William Henry Seymour. Had:
    ("Ellen died 16 April 1850". — check obit for 1880s?)
  2. Susan Kingston 
  3. Nancy (Anne) Kingston emigrated to Australia 1832, m. James TAYLOR in Australia. James d. 1850 and Nancy went to the US in 1855 with 6 children, became a Mormon and returned in 1860 with 4 children
  4. Richard  Kingston bap c 1808 died c1821
  5. Amelia Kingston bc 13 Jan 1811 emig. to Australia 1832,
  6. Lydia  Kingston b 6 April 1815 emig. to Australia 1832,
  7. Samuel Kingston b 7 June 1818 emig. to Australia 1832.
  8. ? Kingston

On 15 Oct., 1824 (Doc PPC 2365) Samuel KINGSTON was sentenced to transportation for life for forgery (forged receipt for rent). He arrived in Sydney, Australia on the Hooghley on 22 April 1825. His name appears on a document (Doc refs FS 1830/1) dated 15 May 1829 of a list of convicts who applied for wives & families to be sent to NSW at Govt. expense.

[Descendant] "George Strickland KINGSTON went on to become a  prominent politician in Adelaide and South Australia, as was one of his sons, Charles Cameron KINGSTON. I am descended from Mary

Catherine KINGSTON, my great-great-great grandmother. She and her husband, Thomas Henry SHERLOCK, inherited the KINGSTON family home in Bandon, Kingston Buildings."

Glenn Corbin, 31 Rewi St., Te Aroha 2971 New Zealand September 27, 1997

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Samuel is one of the most common given name in the Kingston family. There were so many Kingstons with the same name that they began to use their father's name as their middle name and when there were too many of those, they added their mother's name. For example you will see Samuel Paul Mary Kingston on records.

My family from the parish of Drimoleague. A Samuel Kingston was a witness to my great-grandfather's marriage

In 1856 Maurice Mahony married Elizabeth Kingston and after her death in 1868 he married Maria Kingston (daughter of Paul) in 1870.  The first wife's parents were not recorded on the marriage record. Maria's father was Paul of Clodagh.

Jan Fortado, 9 Meadowview Lane, Ipswich, MA 01938   Mar 2002 (new email address April 2009)

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b.c 1740 at Ireland.
m. 1763 at Cork, Ire. -(town or county?)
HELEN HEWITT (HUITT?) -no dates, no parents

Miscelaneous Notes:

George KINGSTON born circa 1720, James KINGSTON bc 1740,
Catherine KINGSTON born circa 1760. All from County Cork. James
Married Ann Murray, and their Daughter married Thomas HOLMES.

The dates from all of this are estimated. - Russell Holmes      September 29, 1997

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Bill Tufts, U.E., B.A., 1500 Lassiter Terrace, Gloucester, ON. K1J 8N4


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John Hornibrook (b. 1785 Bandon) and Anne Nash married c 1833 in Bandon, Cork. John was the son of Daniel Hornibrook and Catherine Stanley (m. 1783).

Information obtained from Mrs. Gerri Hornibrook of Plymouth, England.

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Dona Baker, Alberta, Canada

Hornibook  home page at

John Hornibrook married  ca.1795 Anne Nagle? . John died before 1811 and Anne married John NASH in 1811, possibly at Kilbrogan Church, Bandon

The family has the prenuptial agreement between John NASH and Anne

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From: "Gwlad McLachlan" on Thu, 20 Apr 2000

Frances Nash migrated to Australia with her brother Lewellyn and sister Prescilla in 1852. She was born in Stannardsgrove, Coounty Cork in 1833. Frances married William Daltera in 1855 in Melbourne before heading off to the goldfields in the Ballarat area of Australia. Frances' father was Llewellyn Nash, born in Farrihy County Cork in 1794. Her mother was Frances Adams, born in Stannardsgrove, in 1799. Her Grandfather was Lewellyn Nash, born in Farrihy County Cork in 1763 and her Paternal Grandmother was Priscilla Deane Spread born in Ballycannon in 1766. Any information re her family would be appreciated. Gwlad McLachlan.

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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001
From: "Lorraine Egan" <>

My grandmothers name was Catherine Nash born1866 Clash, Kanturk. Father: Michael Nash Mother: Ellen Lyons. Michael owned 13 acres and is mentioned in Return of Land Owners, 1876. I am led to believe that this family might have some connection with Woulfe surname. Lorraine EGAN

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Samuel, son of Samuel and Catherine Nash, privately bpt Parish of Kinneigh 5 September 1820

Thomas Nash sponsored the baptism of Richard Tyner 25 March 1821 in the Parish of Kinneigh

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