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Wolfe, Nash, Shine, Sheehy, Burke, Gorsuch and Press.


Each time we gently blow away the ashes of time by researching our ancestors They Live Again

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Data Tree Publishing



 Ireland - Tithe Defaulters 1831

by Stephen McCormac

Having trouble finding your Irish ancestors? Here is some interesting and valuable information that should  help you in your search for the elusive family members.

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'West Limerick Families Abroad' 

Kate Press and Valerie Thompson

Format: A4, Soft cover, 270 pages 
ISBN 0-646-41334-1

Click on 'West Limerick Records' for details of -

Index to Names,

Index to Baronies, Parishes, Townland,

A Note from the Authors,

 Price and Payment.

This invaluable book is still readily available  !


A study of the Irish who left West Limerick and travelled to the four corners of the globe.  This work sets out their family trees, logs their emigration and contains numerous stories of their triumphs, trials and tribulations in their new homeland.

 More than 1000 family names, with subject cross references. Many name variants are included. There are twenty-seven known variants for the name Prenderville.


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An index to 'Poverty to Promise'

the Monteagle Emigrants 1838-58


Dr Christopher O'Mahoney & Valerie Thompson 

(This book is is out of print and no longer available)


To see an  introduction and index click below.


For A$10.00 per index item (cheque or money order), Datatree Publishing

will be pleased to provide by email, relevant information from the Book.



Click the Shamrock to see the index.


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'Bibliography for Researching

Irish Family History

in the State Library of Victoria'

by Kate Press

Anyone researching Irish Family History should have a copy of this book which shows how much research into Irish Genealogy can be carried out using the resources of the State Library of Victoria. It has a `Contents' listing, `Index of Authors' and `Index of Titles'  as well as Indexes of the various Newspapers, Maps and Journals held in the State Library. Each classification has an introduction giving the history and background to the resources, as well as related resources and where they can be accessed if not held by the Victorian State Library. Many research hints and examples are given at the appropriate points, to demonstrate the usefulness of the various records.


Click the Shamrock for more information.


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The Deserted Villages


Rathkeale, Co Limerick

 Learn  how place names have just fallen off the map

by Patrick G. Coleman


Click the Shamrock to read the story.


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The Hospital for  the Incurables



by Stephen McCormac


Click the Shamrock for details.



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    The Gorsuch  Family in Australia

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My Family Tree in England, Ireland and Scotland

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The Press Family in England and Australia

 Three branches of the Press Family from the County of Somerset, England emigrated to Australia and left  their mark.

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