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5btback.jpg (1906 bytes)5bthome.jpg (1922 bytes) The late Kate Press
Melbourne, Australia
Her  story



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Wolfe and related Families of Co Cork, Ireland
5bl.jpg (939 bytes)  Nash and related Families of Co Cork, Ireland
5bl.jpg (939 bytes) Burke & Coffey - Shine and Sheehy Family Tree
5bl.jpg (939 bytes) Miscellaneous information and history for the Shine Family of Shanagolden, Co. Limerick, Ireland 
Gorsuch and related Families
5bl.jpg (939 bytes) Austin and related Families of Co Kildare and Dublin, Ireland  
(Under Construction)
5bl.jpg (939 bytes) Press Family in England and Australia
(In Preparation)


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A Melbourne Tram
Melbourne --- voted the world's most livable city

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