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'Bibliography for Researching
Irish Family History in the State Library of Victoria'

by Kate Press

Format: Soft cover book; ISBN 0 646 18166 1; 94 pp.

Published by Kate Press, Malvern. 



Guides and Gazetteers

Genealogical Guides for Basic Research
Gazetteers and Topographical Dictionaries


Ordnance Maps
General Maps
Map of Ireland
Historical Maps
Town Series

Published Works

Published Collections of Pedigrees, Genealogy, Nomenclature
Irish Family Surnames

Ancient Genealogy

Guides to Genealogical Records held in other Institutions

Biographical Dictionaries, Memoirs, Sketches, Guides and Handbooks

The Irish Manuscripts Commission

Publications of the Irish Manuscripts Commission

People In Important Office

State Papers and Court Records

Reports of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records of Ireland

Published Family Histories and Genealogies

County and Town Histories, arranged by county

Trade, Transport, Institutions, the Famine

Institutions: Poor Law Commission Asylums and Prisons
The Famine
Scotch Irish
Customs, Beliefs, Traditions and Language
General Histories

Church Guides and Diocese Histories

Diocese Histories
Church Histories, general

Parish Registers and other Sources

Church of Ireland
Roman Catholic
Palatine Records
Marriage Licence Bonds

Monumental Inscriptions and Memorials for the Dead

Early Census and Census Surveys

Census and Civil Survey
Parish Censuses
Hearth Money Tax
Government Papers

Plantation Records, Forfeiture and Confiscation

Land Surveys and Statistical Surveys

Wills and Marriage Licences

Registry of Deeds, Dublin
Prerogative Wills
Public Record Office, Dublin,


Schools, Medical Registers, Graduate Rolls
School History
Registers, Rolls and Lists

Directories and Almanacs

Newspapers and Periodicals

Newspaper Catalogues
Irish Newspapers in The State Library of Victoria

Military and Naval Records and History

Royal Irish Constabulary

Brief Chronology of Irish History

*Time Line for Irish Records

Index of Titles

Index of Authors

Index of Newspapers

Index of Maps

Index of Journals

Copies still available from Tony Press, 71 Claremont Avenue, Malvern, Vic. 3144; cost A$10.00 plus p&p $15.00 to anywhere in Australia. Payment by Cheque, Money Order, or add $3 for PayPal (total $28) to datatree@alphalink.com.au

Credit Card not available - make cheques payable to Tony Press.

Book Review 

In her introduction to this excellent book, author Kate Press states that `it is the result of many years of research' and this is easy to believe when you scan through the pages which are crammed with summaries of the books and other resources of use in researching Irish Family History held in the Victorian State Library.

The holdings naturally have been grouped into appropriate classifications but it doesn't end there; each classification has an introduction giving the history and background to the resources contained therein, related resources and where they can be accessed if not held by the Victorian State Library. Research hints and examples are scattered throughout the text at the appropriate points, to demonstrate the usefulness of the various records.

`A Brief Chronology of Irish History', and a `Time Line for Irish Records' is included to assist the researcher in selecting records that are available for the various periods of time.

This book is very well laid out and is very easy to read; a clear `Contents' listing, an `Index of Authors', and an `Index of Titles' make the locating of resources quick and easy. Indexes of the various Newspapers, Maps and Journals in the listings are also included.

In this book the author demonstrates just how much research into Irish Family History can be performed here in Victoria and the importance of the State Library of Victoria as a source of information. I for one had no idea how extensive this collection was until reading this marvellous book and recommend it highly. Everyone researching Irish Family History here in Victoria should have a copy of this groundbreaking publication in their bookshelf.

Doug Holmes


*Book Extract below




1500-1600 Close Rolls, Patent Rolls
1635-37 Strafford's Survey1500-1600
1654 The Civil Survey
1654-1657 Down Survey
1650-1690 Survey & Distribution
1659 Census of Ireland
1708 + Registry of Deeds
1823-1838 Tithe Applotment Books
1824-1848 Ordnance Survey Memoirs
1824-1848 Ordnance Survey
1821 **Census
1831 **Census
1841 **Census
1845 Church of Ireland registration of marriages
1848-1864 Perambulation Books (Town, House and Field Books)
1848-1864 Griffith Valuation Books or (PVT) Primary Valuation of Tenements
1851 **Census
1858 Encumbered Estates Act
1864 Civil Registration
1876 Return of Land Owners
1901 **Census
1908 Old Age Pensions
1911 **Census
1937 Folk Lore Commission Records


Notes for the above Timeline.

  • ** The only surviving comprehensive returns for Ireland are the 1901 and 1911 census. Only fragments of the 1851 census and earlier returns survived the fire in the Pubic Record Office in 1922. The 1861 and 1871 census were completely destroyed on government orders.

+ You would have to engage a professional researcher to search records held by the Registry of Deeds, the Folk Lore Commission and Estate Papers, held by both the Public Record Office and National Library of Ireland. Many indexes and records are available through the LDS (Latter Day Saints) Family History Centres.

Research Hint - To assist your research always use Manuscript Sources For History of Irish Civilization R.J. Hayes (ed.) as a guide to the whereabouts of the records.


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