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The Buttimer family of Co Cork Ireland
Miscellaneous entries from records in Co Cork, Ireland

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It is hoped that Buttimer Buttimore family researchers will contribute to this home page so that we can all share our research and resources—as it is only by the process of elimination that we will unravel all the connections of this small family clan. 

Many Buttimer family members have been actively collecting material and contributing to the Buttimer home page at http://www.myfamily.com.   Please share.

Kate Press. Melbourne

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Jeremiah Buttimer and Andrew Buttimer were on the list for the 7th Battalion Cork No. 1 Brigade IRA (Kilmichael)  Battalion Roll 1917 to 1921
Note this Battalion did not take part in the Kilmichael Ambush of November 1920, that was Tom Barry's Third West Cork Brigade.


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Date 00:45 22/03/1999 -080
Subject: RE Buttimer,Abraham from Cork b. 1820-1
From tbohme@yahoo.com

Abraham Buttimer came from Cork b. 1820-1. Emigrated with father Abraham b abt 1799 wife Mary

Abraham jr. met and married a Jane ?   They moved to New Brunswick , Bathurst Parish, Canada with his brothers. They had 11 children; Robt Henry b. 1849), Mary Anne, John, James, Jane Eliz, Kate**, Emma, Caroline, Ellen Adeline, Frederick W., Ida tbohme@yahoo.com  Modesto, CA desc Herman Williams from Kate**


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 Linda Hilas <lihilas@qwestonline.com> Apr 2002 researching

Abraham Buttimer, son of Robert Buttimer and Mary Moore, first marriage was to Susan Barry; his second marriage was to Jane Jennings, daughter of John Jennings and Ann Wolfe, who were from Bandon, Co. Cork

Catherine Buttimer born 1862, daughter of Abraham and Jane Jennings, married Wilbert Williams, my Great grandfather; they lived in  Chelsea Ma.  Catherine left Salmon Beach New Brunwick Ca. after 1870 and seemed to disappear until 1890. Any help appreciated.



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Oct 22, 1805 married by banns, John Botimer to Jane Hegartie

Jan 18, 1810 Robert, son of John Botimer, public baptism



Mar 13, 1814 William son of Jane and John Buttimer of Ardea

Mar 29, 1818 Jane age 4 yrs dau of Robert and Mary Buttimer of Mahony received into church and Robert son of same baptised

11 February 1823 Anne EEDY, Killdee married William Buttimer, Ballynard, MLB, Kilmeen parish

Mar 8, 1840 Jane dau of John and Mary Buttimer of Bohouey [?]

Nov 24, 1844 Buttimer, Mary daughter of Robert and Abigail his wife of Tinned. [?] Tice wid [twice widowed?]  aged 1 year.
Abigail known to have died shortly after Mary's birth and then was raised by Abigail's parents, Samuel and Jane Bateman

Feb 25, 1825 Joseph Tanner of Carrigrenane in the parish of Ross to AnneButtimer of Derryvreen in the parish of Kilmeen  by licence

Feb 21, 1843 Robert Buttimer, Farmer of the parish of Castleventry and Abigail Bateman of Rossmore [daughter of *Samuel and Jane Bateman] in this parish, Spinster, by license

1835 John Wolfe of Killdee and Mary Bateman of [illegible]

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Headstones at Kilmeen

(1)   Richard Wolfe 1737-1811

(2)   Richard Wolfe  1787 - 1865.

These headstones right beside are

(3)   Richard m Hester Anne Bryan so assume same family

According to relatives Thomas Buttimer was great grandson of Richard 1787-1865 as his mother was Eva Wolfe, sister to Barnabas Wolfe Their parents were Richard m Hester Bryan but grand[parents were William m Jane Buttimer and before that Wm m Ellen Roberts.

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MLBs Marriage Licence Bonds

Buttimer, Abrahan and Barry, Ellen 1817
Buttimer, Anne and Tanner, Joseph 1825
Buttimer, Eliza and  Clerke, John 1841
Buttimer, Elizabeth and Hanglin, John 1829
Buttimer, Elizabeth and Bateman, Michael 1834
Buttimer, John and Cue, Anne 1844
Buttimer, John and Lovell, Dora 1810
Buttimer, John and Phipps, Elizabeth 1825
Buttimer, John and Varian, Elizabeth 1777
Buttimer, John and Wagner, Catherine 1838
Buttimer, Marrianne and Lane, Benjamin 1844
Buttimer, Mary and Dawson, James 1838
Buttimer, Richard and Beamish, Anne 1814
Buttimer, Robert and Barry, Mary 1818
Buttimer, Robert and Bateman, Abigail 1843
Buttimer, Robert and Mary, Moore 1820
Buttimer, Robert and Webster, Eliza 1843
Buttimer, Robert and Driscoll, Mary 1814
Buttimer, Robert and cGosnell Mary 1818
Buttimer, Robert and Eedy Anne 1823
Buttimer, William and Wood, Elizabeth 1832
Buttimor, Ophelia and Waggett, Ralph 1789
Buttimor, Samuel and Wilkinson, Hannah 1811

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Griffith's Valuation

Columns denote: Reference to Map/Occupier/Immediate Lessor/Description of Tenements/ Area (acres.roods.perches)/Total Value(.s.d). Only Totals of the Rateable Annual Value given.

H= House, O=Offices, L=Land, G=Garden, sG=Small Garden, Sm= Smithy, GY=Graveyard, B=Bog, Ns= National School House, RCC=RC Chapel,+ = Joint Holding,  Ord. S.= Ordnance Survey Map No.

Barony of West Muskerry, Union of Macroom
Civil Parish of Kilmichael November 1852

Townland of Garranereagh (Ord. S. 83 & 95)

7a Cornelius Buttimore same     HOL      198.1.31     73.10.0
b unoccupied Cornelius Buttimore H     0.2.0
c unoccupied same     H     0.16.0

Barony of West Muskerry, Union of Macroom
Civil Parish of Macloneigh

Townland of Annahalabog (Ord. S. 70 & 71)

2 John Buttimore Jun. same     L     41.0.23      1.5.0
a John Buttimore Sen. John Buttimore Jun.     H     0.2.0

Townland of Annahala East

6a John Buttimore same     HOL     5.0.26      3.0.0
d Norry Buttimore same     HG     0.0.21          0 .4.0

Townland of Annahala West

b Michael Buttimore James Keleher     HG      0.0.10     0.5.0

Townland of Inchashinagane (Ord. S. 71)

a Denis Buttimore Patrick Ronane     HOL      30.1.4     29.0.0
b Timothy Sullivan Denis Buttimore     H     8.0

Townland of Tooms East (Ord. S. 71 & 83)

9a Andrew Buttimore same HOL     66.0.1      39.10.0
b William Landers Andrew Buttimore     HG      0.0.14    0.5.0
c      Cornelius Cotter same     HG      0.0.14     0.5.0   
d Ellen Cronin Denis Buttimore     HG     0.0.11      0.4.0

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