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Many people have asked me over the years whether they can use my illustrations for various purposes. The following is an outline of the responses I usually give to such requests. Further information can be obtained by emailing me. For a quick look at the collection of illustrations available, check out the Geocities gallery page ( colourised images also available).

Web Graphics

I may allow use of a limited number of the low resolution digital images found on my websites, provided:

  • My permission is asked (that's just common web courtesy)
  • You state where and how the images will be used
  • You do not link to the images at my sites, but rather copy them to your own web site directories
  • You acknowledge the source of the images on your web site, with perhaps a link back to their site of origin

  • High Resolution Images

    Often high-resolution images of my illustrations are required for producing printed documents, t-shirts, etc. Since these illustrations represent many hours of work, as well as days or even weeks of research to ensure a reasonable degree of accuracy, I will sometimes require payment for limited use of the art work.

    I will often allow a small number (up to two or three) of illustrations to be used free of charge, provided:

  • They are to be used for educational purposes (leaflets or brochures for museums or schools)
  • They are not to be used in any profit-making manner (such as non-profit organisations)
  • The signature on the artwork is left intact

    I normally charge a fee for limited use of high-resolution images if:

  • More than two or three illustrations are required
  • They are to be used by a profit-making company for commercial purposes (corporate logos, advertising, t-shirt designs for conventions, etc)

    I will strive to provide the illustrations within two to four days of receiving the finalised request. I usually scan the illustrations at 360 DPI, although other resolutions can be stated, as can the image format they are stored in. They will be sent via email, or posted online and the appropriate URL/s supplied.

    In the past I have usually charged around $350 Australian (approximately $250 U.S.) for limited use of one image for commercial purposes. The more images required, the less I would charge per unit. Payment is requested in either Australian or U.S. dollars.

    Whether payment is requested or not, I always retain copyright of the original illustrations.

  • Images Used So Far

    March 1996. Dinonews, issue 9. W.A. Museum. Muttaburrasaurus illustration accompanying article.

    September 1998. Atlanta Audubon Society. Velociraptor illustration for newsletter.

    October 1998. Indiana University Alumni publication "The College". Allosaurus illustration accompanying article.

    May 1999. Connell Wagner, engineering firm, Queensland. Kronosaurus illustration for a company newsletter.

    July 1999 and 2000. The Dinosaur Encyclopaedia. HyperWorks Reference Software, Western Australia. Various low-resolution illustrations.

    September 1999. NetReality Inc. Santa Clara, California. Deinonychus T-shirt and product logo.

    January 2000. Santos Oil and Petrolium Company. Muttaburrasaurus illustration for Roma pipeline brochure, Queensland.

    July 2000. Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. Flyer for Chicago Public Schools event. Tyrannosaurus illustration.

    September 2000. National Museum of Australia interactive exhibit "Imagining the Country", Gondwana module. Various Illustrations / graphics.

    September 2000. Heinemann Education in Port Melbourne, Australia. Illustration for educational course.

    March 2001. South Dakota Science Center, Rapid City. Various illustrations in a museum display.

    March 2003. The Helix No.88, CSIRO Double Helix Club magazine. Various colour images.

    June 2004. Ralph Magazine. Illustrations of Australian dinosaurs.

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