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This is the Australian home of the Ashmont Shelties. 


They live happily on a hectare (or two and a half acres) of garden at Somerville, on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. They have attractive grassed runs for when they must be left alone, but they live in our house and they sleep in our bedroom beside us. They are eye-tested and micro-chipped and fed on Pedigree Principal, fresh raw meat (for human consumption), tuna, sardines and fresh vegetables. They have a breakfast of VERY HARD biscuit to clean their teeth. All are sensible, well behaved, well groomed animals who are obedience and tracking trained, and they are a pleasure to live with.

We have sable, blue merle and tricolour shelties and have been involved with them since 1970. We breed only rarely, usually when we want a new pup ourselves and we prefer performance homes for our puppies.



This is the front of Ashmont 

Here are the dogs on 'Bone Day'. 
I'm sure there are not many breeds of dog 
who could munch on their bones together so amicably.

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