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Below you'll find a few tips and tactics of this great game of Petanque ........

Tips And Tactics


Here are a few tips less experienced players might find useful.

Have one player at the coche checking which boule is on.

The view from the circle is often deceptive. Help players by clearly shouting or pointing to show which boule is on. Remember, if you don't check and play out of turn, the rules allow your opponents to remove boules played out of turn.

Learn to think tactically.

Don't just play all your boules and then let your partners play all theirs. Should you shoot or point? Can you get more points by shooting a second or third boule rather than just pointing. As an experiment, try playing with a nominated pointer and shooter, with this proviso: the pointer must always point, the shooter must always shoot. Although this is a bit artificial, it does make you think a little more about tactics.

Shooting: now or later?

If a boule needs shooting do you shoot it now or later? If you play more boules closer to the target boule, you may find the target more difficult to hit if it is surrounded by your own boules.

Learn to vary your shots/style of play.

It's easy to get into a lazy, "rolling" style of play. While you can get away with this on a smooth terrain, you certainly can't on an uneven terrain, where a "rolling" boule will take a pretty random course. Experienced players tend to lob much more than roll, such that the boule doesn't roll as far on the terrain. It is thus less affected by irregularities in the terrain.

Play against different/better players.

Playing against different (and better) players will help improve your game, rather than always playing the same players.

Remember.. 6-10m

The rules state that the coche must be thrown from 6 to 10 metres. Learn to measure metre steps and make sure you are not playing outside these limits.




The throwing of the cochennet is just as important as throwing the boule. Choose a length to subdue your opposition. If your opponents are good shooters play long (8 - 10 metres), shooting is more difficult over longer distances.

Choose a terrain to your liking not your opponents, if your opponents like rolling make it hard for them by throwing the cochonnet over a rougher area. This will prevent them from rolling up to the jack.


Think positive, you never win by being negative. The old saying comes to the fore - keep lose -. Don't let the pressure get to you. Don't tense up if the pressure is applied, shake your arms and loosen up. The ability to keep cool under pressure is a great weapon to intimidate your opponent.

After you play your first boule, DON'T rush your next if you don't get the point. Leave the circle and walk towards the cochonnet, check where your first boule landed. Loosen up and focus on where your next boule will land, you might even choose  your partner to play next. DON'T RUSH

Don't get greedy, if you hold shot, THINK before you play your next boule. DON"T shoot if you can place. Do not risk movement of the cochonnet unless it is of great benefit.

DON'T be too complaicent, you will find it very easy to give away shots if you are too casual.

Boules behind the jack are very often wasted. Keep your boules infront of the cochonnet where they can be used to block your opponents pointing (line of terrain) or have the value of being pushed forward to gain shot. By doing this every end winning comes easy.

NEVER SHOOT WITH YOUR LAST BOULE. The disturbance you cause may not be in your favour, expecially when you don't have another boule to correct things.

Always measure, it might mean dirty knees but it may mean shot, don't give it away, but then again if your opponent gives it to you .... take it.

Enjoy your game and always remember at the finish of your game,win lose or draw shake your opponents hand as you should be just as gracious in defeat as in winning. You will make a lot of friends in this game of Petanque, Don't make enemies.


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