Ann Jeffree, Wildlife & Pet Portraits
Giraffe Bad Hair Day, Emu Spider Monkey & Baby Pelicans Lion Cub Snow Leopard Mamba Dance, Western Green Mamba Lazy Sunny Afternoon, Rock Wallaby Eyes off my Baby! Orangutan Mother and Baby Into The Twilight, Lion Here's Lookin' at You, Kid. Orangutan Cold Wind, Chickadee Sniffin' the Breeze, Grizzly Who Dat? Ring-Tailed Lemurs Peekaboo Lving Jewels, Tiger Eyes Winter Light, Grizzly Northern View of a Southbound Zebra My, What a Big Horn you Have, Rhino Treefrog Elephant Nick of Time, Painted Dog Fox Fire
Swamp Hen Pair Peacocks Bronzewing Pigeons Ducks in Kyneton Creek Barn Swallow Pair on my roof Grass Parrot Sparrow at Melbourne Zoo Sparrow on Shadecloth New England Honeyeater Hawk