Ann Jeffree, Wildlife & Pet Portraits
Friesian Fanatic Diary 2012
Portrait of Othello S, Stallion A stallion surveying his kingdom Othello, Stallion Steppin Out Dreamin Meagan & Balthazaar Hula, beautiful mare Edzer, Friesian Gelding Portrait of Pony Pone Into the Wind Thell Sunset Portait of Haitske, Mare Frits Fantasy Jodie & her Foals Portrait of Ulrika, Ster Mare Rear! Marco Mare, Pen & Ink Illustration Gandolf Werby Willow and Meagan Andy and Meagan Greon and his girlfriend Luna Do I Know You? Pastel Painting of Stallion at Play Scraperboard of stallion Denni Hello Girls Noortje, Foal and her dam Design for ANZFHS 2011 Tour Tshirt Pencil Portrait of Entja Charcoal Illustration of mare and foal Bailey, Stallion Pencil Illustration of stallion Abe and rider Portrait of Vella, Mare Laila & Diesel, Mare and Foal Freja, Filly Pen & Ink Illustration Entja and his good friend Lee Breeze Hook, Stallion Tjeerd, Stallion Passing Thru, Iepe, Friesian Stallion Flutterby
Iepe Tj, Black Minx Stud Iepe Tj, Black Minx Stud Denni, Black Minx Stud Othello S, Black Minx Stud Denni, Black Minx Stud Eryk, Friesian Stallion Laila, Black Minx Stud Giske, Black Minx Stud Ulrika & Giske, Black Minx Stud Ulrika, Ster Mare, Black Minx Stud Twister, Black Minx Stud 3 Friesian Foals, Black Minx Stud Sytse, Black Minx Stud Vamke, Black Minx Stud Anneke, Silhouette Friesians Kobus Entja Portrait Sunset Silhouette Entja Hay Jewellery Friesian Mane Is the Grass Greener Over There? Harmen