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This formula contains Bordeaux mixture in lanoline and is designed to treat leaves and bulbs that are suffering from a spreading rot infection. Although designed for orchids it may be used with equal success on any plant. Formerly sulphur or talc were used to treat infections, but they wash off easily. The action of STOPROT is twofold:
1)  the Bordeaux mixture counteracts the infection as a fungicide.
2)  The lanoline seals the wound from additional water penetration.
Keep STOPROT away from eyes, skin, children and pets. Store at room temperature (20 degrees C). It is useable indefinitely.

Directions: When black rot is noticed on an orchid and its continued expansion is likely to destroy the plant, apply STOPROT. Prepare the plant as follows:
1)  Flame a small sharp pointed knife to sterilise it.
2)  Carefully cut out all of the black infection until fresh green plant tissue only is exposed.
3)  Dust the wound with sulphur or another drying agent. Maintain good air circulation.
4)  Let plant stand in a dry area until wound is dry.
5)  Apply STOPROT liberally to the wound shaping it with a small knife or toothpick to conform to the original shape of the plant. Be sure that edges of STOPROT are firm so that no water can enter the wound.
6)  Return plant to bench. Note: Because results are related to many factors, including growing conditions, no guarantee can be made or implied. By following the steps above, however, many damaged but valuable plants may be saved.

IMPORTANT: Phalaenopsis suffering from crown rot may be saved. Follow  "surgery" outlined above (1-5) and apply Keikigrow to buds covered by the base of the lower leaves of the ailing plant. Damage to the crown has rendered those dormant buds (both vegetative and floral) especially ready to develop.

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