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Orchid Seedraising Service

  GENUS   Seed pod harvest 
  time (months) *
 Flask type    No. of seedlings
  per flask
  Cattleya   5-7   Squat    20
  Cymbidium   9  Tall   30
  Dendrobium   2-5   Squat    30
  Dendrobium   2-5   Maxi    30
  Disa    1-1.5  Squat    30
  Laelia   4-6   Squat    20
  Masdevallia   3   Squat    30
  Miltonia   4-5  Maxi    30
  Odontoglossum   9   Maxi    20
  Oncidium   9   Maxi    30
  Paphiopedilum    6-15   Squat    10
  Paphiopedilum    6-15   Maxi   20
  Phalaenopsis    7   Maxi   25
  Pleione    5-6   Squat    30
  Sarcochilus   7-12  Squat   20
  Sophronitis    2-3   Squat    20
  Vanda   5   Maxi    25
  Zygopetalum   8  Tall    30

   Squat flasks are 250ml polycarbonate containers with teflon breathers.
   Tall flasks are 500ml       "            "            "         "        "          "
   Maxi flasks are 500ml squat polypropylene containers also with teflon breathers.
   *Approximate time after pollination until harvesting of ripe pods.

Paphiopedilum seedlings   

Paphiopedilum seedlings ready to deflask.

Seed sowing fee is AU$15.00 +gst per sowing (2 mother flasks sown) either intact pods or dry seed. The fee  is payable when the seeds are dispatched to the laboratory. 50% of the replating costs are due when the seedlings are ready for their final replate. Replating will be carried out when this fee and any other outstanding amounts have been paid. The remaining 50% of the replate costs becomes payable when the flasks are ready for despatch and the client has been advised. The minimum order is 90 seedlings per sowing. Once flasks are ready for despatch they cannot be stored in the laboratory.

Please note that split pods cannot be accepted due to the probability of fungal damage. We can only sow intact pods or dry seed. 

IMPORTANT Please contact the laboratory before sending pods so that they can be cultured as soon as they are received. Send intact pods or dry seed in a Postpak or similar mailing tube to prevent damage in transit and send by Express Post. Place dry seeds in a small envelope with the edges sealed with tape. Please do not wrap pods or seed in plastic or use airtight containers such as glass , which may cause fungal damage.

NB Australian orders will incur a 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax).

Express air freight charges within Australia
                                        Up to 3 kg                                  $12.00
                                           3 to 5 kg                                  $20.00  

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