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Orchid Cloning Service

Orchid cloning (mericloning, tissue culture, micropropagation) services are available for most epiphytic orchids including:

Cattleya alliance - Cattleyas, Laelias, Sophronitis, Brassavola and Epidendrum
Dendrobiums - Australian Native & others
Odontoglossom & Oncidiums
Vandas &


Please contact the laboratory for more details about the genera of orchids you wish to have cloned because the type of plant material required to initiate cultures and stage of development of that plant material differs from one genus to another.
For orders from outside Australia please contact the laboratory well in advance of when you want the work done so that a quarantine permit can be obtained to import your live plant material into Australia.


                             Standard tall flask                Maxi tall flask                    Maxi flask                                         

<>                                      Cymbidium mericlones can be supplied in:                                   Other genera are generally supplied in
                       Standard tall flasks of 25     or        Maxi tall flasks containing                Maxi flasks of 25 plants per flask.
                             plants per flask                            35 or 40 plants per  flask.                    This is a flask of Dendrobium clones.<>                         

The minimum order is 100 plants per clone for all genera.

A deposit of 30% of the total amount is required for the setting up of each clone, another 30% progress payment is due when the plants are ready for their final replate and the balance of the final 40% becomes payable when the mericlones are ready for despatch, when clients will be contacted. Discounts are available for clients ordering 100 or more flasks of mericlones per year.

Express air freight charges within Australia
                                        Up to 3 kg                                                    $12.00
                                           3 to 5 kg                                                      18.00

IMPORTANT  Please contact the laboratory before sending leads so that they can be cultured as soon as they are received.
To ensure the plant material arrives in good condition, please wrap new leads in slightly damp paper or sphagnum moss and place the cut end of flower spikes into a florist's tube containing clean water. Place this material into a "post pak " or similar mailing tube and send by courier or express post on a Monday. This will minimise the chance of it being delayed in the postal system over a weekend.

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