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Hormones and vitamins in lanoline. Apply to the nodes of phalaenopsis spikes to produce keikis (plantlets) identical to the flowering plant. Also promotes growth of secondary basal buds when crown of vandacious plants (phals. etc) has been damaged. Apply to any dormant buds such as Cattleya divisions or Cymbidium backbulbs to force new growths. See AOS Bulletin, Oct. 1980, p. 1123 and Feb. 1982, p. 136.
15mL for    $32.00
3mL for      $ 7.00

Auxins and vitamins in lanoline. Apply to plantlets of forced back bulbs to speed root development. Will not wash off during normal watering.
15mL for    $30.00
3mL for      $7.00

Bordeaux mixture in lanoline to treat leaves and bulbs suffering from wet rot (pythium). Also use with Keikigrow Plus to counteract crown rot.
15mL for    $30.00
3mL for      $7.00

Cytokinin hormones and vitamins in lanoline. Apply to upper nodes to promote spike branching and more flowers. Also encourages secondary flowering.
15mL for    $28.00
3mL for      $ 6.50

Hormone formula to force dormant buds on normally discarded flowered growths into action.
15mL for    $30.00
3mL for      $  7.00

Plants thrive! Vitamin B1 for growth and a-Napthaleneacetic Acid for root stimulation. Counteracts transplant shock. Makes 60 litres.
60mL for $15.00

Five proven vitamins for sturdy green growth plus rooting hormone. Makes 60 litres.
60mL for $16.00

Trace elements added to Vitagrow-B1. For efficient absorption of fertilizers and other nutrients. Makes 60 litres.
60mL for $17.00

Trace element mix for orchids. Use where water quality or compost prevents efficient use of fertilizers and other nutrients. Some water treatment (reverse osmosis, etc.) removes all micro-nutrients necessary for proper nutrition.
10 grams for 15.00

Please add $3.00 postage and packing per order.

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