Cymbidium One Tree Hill 'Doris'
Cymbidium One Tree Hill "Doris"

Cymbidium Mericlone Flask List.


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April 2006
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Plants are grown in 95mm diameter polypropylene flasks with teflon breathers to produce large plants and minimise transport costs. Flasks contain a minimum of 40 plants.
The plants will be replated to order and should be ready approximately 4-6 months after ordering and payment of 20% deposit. Flasks cost AU$55.00 each for 1 - 4 or $50.00 each for 5 or more flasks.
Hobby flasks of 25 plants also available for $35.00eachfor 1 - 4 or $30.00 each for 5 or more flasks. Minimum order amount is $70.00 

Cymbidium Flask

      A flask of 40 Cymbidium orchid clones

      in a 750 mL polypropylene container
      ready to be sent to a client.

Payment can be made by VISA, Mastercard or Bankcard credit cards
Freight is extra and via TNT Air Freight costs $ 12.00 per order for delivery within Australia for up to 6 flasks.
Interstate and International Orders
During delivery by airfreight there is a risk of the cultures becoming contaminated because of the large changes in air pressure that occur during aircraft takeoff and landing. Our flasks have airtight seals and contain membrane breathers to minimise the risk of contamination in transit but the risk still exists. For these reasons flasks are not recommended for reculturing in a laboratory and should be deflasked immediately on arrival. We cannot guarantee the sterility of flasks once they have left our laboratory. 

LAB No.               PLANT
4248      Akebono ‘Rosebud’  Pink intermediate
4350      Bakano 'Mt. Vesuvius’  Brown Intermediate
4394      Anna Szabo ‘Geyserland’  White standard
3430      Castle of Mey ‘Lewes Snow’  White, miniature, 25 or more flowers/ stem
4393      Dainty Lady ‘Tikitere’  Multicoloured intermediate
4334      Desert Fire ‘Black Magic’  Darkred intermediate
10,458   Devon Parish 'Devon Falls, Ern's Choice’  Miniature cream spotted with red
3718     Fancy Free ‘Geyserland’  White standard, approx 15 flowers/stem, 4N
4087     Floripink ‘Felice’  Pink standard, Dutch import
4347     Freeling ‘Dazzler’  Yellow intermediate
5222     Gentle Touch ‘Bon Bon’ Green intermediate, 1st prize cut flower green  ANCS 1997  *
5227     Gowling's Gem 'Snow Queen'  White intermediate
3429     Ice on Fire ‘Nikkietta’   White intermediate, 25 or more flowers/ stem
5564     It’s Magic  Orange standard
3774     Janis Lin ‘Emily Kate’   White miniature
4289     Jubilation ‘Good as Gold’  Yellow standard
3102     Kelly’s Winter ‘Patricia’   Victorian orchid of the year 1995  4N, yellow
3828     Lake Macquarie ‘Winsome’   Grand Champion   ANCS 1997  *
3832     Latigo ‘Cooksbridge Sunset’    Orange miniatute, 1st prize mini other colour ANCS 
3431     Lerwick ‘Leanne Crickmar’   White, intermediate, 25 or more flowers/stem  
5563     Matipo ‘Narada’  Red standard
4337     Mont Niron ‘Trinity’  Ice cream miniature, AM/RHS
2462     Music Box Dancer ‘Ballerina’   1st prize miniature white ANCS1997  * HCC/AOS
3831     Narella ‘Jennifer Gail’   Pink standard
3915     One Tree Hill ‘Doris’    Bright yellow intermediate, 1st interm. pure colour HCC/OSCOV
4911     One Tree Hill ‘Dolly’  Yellow intermediate
3953     Peggy Sue ‘Five’  Pink intermediate, upright spikes
10,459  Persuasive touch ‘Dark Eyes Ern's Choice’  Brown intermediate with a dark labellum 20 flowers per spike
4493     Phar Lap ‘Geyserland’  Red intermediate

5419     Pure Sarah ‘Snow Flake’  White intermediate
5417     Rangitara ‘Honey Bee’  Red standard
3717     Rap Dancer ‘Red Delight’   Red, intermediate approx 25 flowers/stem
4754     Red Beauty ‘Rembrant’    Red standard
4012     Ruby Anniversary ‘Pink Surprise’ Pink standard, approx. 15 flowers/stem
8743     Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’   White minature, pendulous spikes
4290     Sarah Jean ‘Ice Flow’  White miniature, pendulous spikes

4008     Sarah Jean ‘Trish’  Pink miniature
5022     Stonehaven ‘Cooksbridge’  Orange standard, approx 15 flowers/stem
4336     Strathbraan ‘Lewes Pinkie’  Pink miniature, pendulous at least 25 flowers/spike
4086     Summer Dream ‘Jotte’  Pink intermediate, Dutch import
3716    Tricia Allen ‘Electric Green’ Green, intermediate approx 25 flowers/stem
3719    Valley Girl ‘Lavender Blue’  Mauve standard, approx. 15 flowers/stem
3549    Valley Zenith ‘Green Orb’  1st prize large flowered Green    ANCS 1997  *
4491    Via Del Playa ‘Yvonne’  Pink standard
8558    Wallamurra ‘Jupiter’   Red standard, 1st prize large flowered Red, ANCS 1997  *
4910    Without Peer ‘Soft Touch’   Pink intermediate, 1st prize intermediate pastel  ANCS 1997  *

*    ANCS   - Australian National Cymbidium Show

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