Carnivorous Plants

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Most of the following photographs were taken at recent Carnivorous Plant shows.
The next show will be held on 2nd & 3rd December  2006 at Collectors Corner Nursery, Gardenworld, Springvale Road Keysborough, Victoria, Australia. This show will be jointly hosted by the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society & The Bromeliad Society of Victoria. For more information about Carnivorous Plants visit the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society Page via the links page.

Prostrate Sarracenias

 A display of prostrate Sarracenias with Sarracenia
  psittacina in the foreground and different colour
 forms of Sarracenia purpurea behind. These
 carnivorous plants are very easy to grow outdoors
 in full sunshine with the pots standing in trays of water.
Sarracenia flava
 A large plant of Sarracenia flava, one of the
 tallest of the upright Sarracenia species. This
 plant will grow well outdoors as long as it is
 protected from strong winds which can blow
 over the pitchers which become quite heavy
 when they fill up with insects.
Nepenthes burbidgeae
Nepenthes burbidgeae  is one of the very
attractive tropical pitcher plants from Mt.
Kinabalu in Borneo. Although this plant
comes from the tropics, it grows at high altitude
and therefore grows well in cool climate areas as
long as fairly high humidity levels can be maintained.
Byblis gigantea
Byblis gigantea comes from the south west coast
of Australia. It is not one of the easiest plants to
grow but well worth the challenge with it's beautiful flowers and large plant size, about 30cm high.
Click here to view a larger image
  Drosera schizandra in habitit, near Cairns in
  far north Queensland Australia. Please click
  on the image for a larger photograph.


To find out about the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society and see photos from it's shows click here.

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