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                                        BOOKS ON ANGLO-INDIAN CULTURE AND HISTORY
                                                       JANUARY 1997

                   Author                                 Title                              Publisher         Year

       Abbott, Anstice               A Girl Widow's Romance                                                    1920

       Abbott, Capt. J.              The T'Hakoorine                                                           1841

       Abdullah, Mrs. Morag          My Khyber Marriage                              George G. Harrap &        1934
         (Murray)                                                                      Co., London

     * Abel, Evelyn                  The Anglo-Indian Community--                    Chanakya Pub.,            1988
                                       Survival in India                               Delhi
                                       (Univ. of Calif. Berkeley Library)

       Aberigh-MacKay, George        Twenty-one Days in India (New and               W. H. Allen &             1882
                                       Revised Edition)                                Co., London

       Adams, W.H.D.                 Episodes of Anglo-Indian History

       Adams, Jane                   A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil

       Adams, Keith                  Journey Into India

       Afghan                        Best Indian Chutney:  Some                      H. Jenkins                1920
                                        Eastern Vignettes

       Ahluwalia, B.S.               Freedom Movement of India                                                 1963

     * Aitken, E.H.                  Behind the Bungalow                             Thacker, Spink & Co.,     1923
                                       (University of New Mexico Library)              Calcutta

       Albuquerque                   The Commentaries of the Great Alfonso           Hakluyt Society,          1877
                                       Dalboquerque (Translated by                     London
                                       Walter de Gray Birch) (4 vols.)

       Aldiss, Brian                 A Soldier Erect, or Further Adventures          Weidenfeld &              1971
                                       of the Hand-Reared Boy                          Nicholson, London

       Aliph Cheem                   Lays of Ind                                     Thacker, London           1888
       Alladin, Bilkiz               For the Love of a Begum                         Hyderabad                 1989
                                        The Romantic Story of James Kirkpatrick

     * Allen, Charles                Plain Tales from the Raj                        Holt, Rinehart &          1985
                                       (Pleasant Hill Library, CA)                   Winston, New York

       Allen, Charles                Raj- A Scrapbook of British India 1877-1947     St. Martin's Press,       1977
                                       (San Francisco Public Library)                  NY

       Allen, Charles                Tales from the Dark Continent                   Deutsch Futura

       Alter, James Payne            In the Doab and Rohilkhand:                     Delhi                     1986
                                       North Indian Christianity 1815-1915

       Alter, Stephen                Neglected Lives                                 Andre Deutsch,            1979

       Alter, Stephen                Silk and Steel                                  Penguin, Ringwood         1983

       Anderson, Philip              The English in Western India                    Smith, Elder &            1856
                                       (2nd rev. ed.)                                  Co., London

       Andrews, C. F.                The Renaissance in India                                                  1912

       Andrews, C. F.                The True India: A Plea for                      George Allen &            1939
                                       Understanding                                   Unwin, London

       Andrews, W.E.                 Major General Claud Martin                      Lucknow                   1942

     * Anthony, Frank                Britain's Betrayal in India:                    Allied Publishers,        1969
                                       The Story of the Anglo-Indian                   New Delhi
                                       (Calif. State Univ. Hayward & Calif.
                                       State Univ. Long Beach Libraries)

       Archer, Major                 Early Views of India                            Thames & Hudson,          1980

       Archer, Major                 Tours in Upper India and Parts of the           Richard Bentley,          1833
                                       Himalaya Mountains ( 2 vols.)                   London

       Arnold, Peter                 More Impertinence                                                         1948

       Ashton, Stephen               The British in India:  From Trade               B.T. Batsford, Ltd.,      1987
                                        to Empire                                      London
                                        (Mid-Continent Public Library, MO)

       Aspinall, Arthur              Cornwallis in Bengal (Publication               Manchester Univ.          1931
                                       No. 60 in the Manchester Univ.                  Press
                                       Historical Series)

       Atkinson, George F.           Curry and Rice on Forty Plates                  W. Thacker & Co.          1911
                                       (Univ. of Calif. Berkeley Library)              London

       Auber, Peter                  An Analysis of the Constitution of the          Kingsbury, Parbury        1826
                                       East India Company and of the Laws              & Allen, London
                                       Passed by Parliament

       Auber, Peter                  Rise and Progress of the British                Wm. H. Allen,             1837
                                       Power in India (2 vols.)                        London

       Badenach, W.                  Inquirey into the State of the                  John Murry                1826
                                       Bengal Army                                     London

       Baker, Amy                    Six Merry Mummers                                                         1931

       Bagley, Christopher           The Dutch Plural Society: A Comparative         Oxford University         1973
                                       Study in Race Relations                         Press, London

     * Ballhatchet, Kenneth          Race, Sex and Class under the Raj:              Weidenfeld and            1980
                                       Imperial Attitudes and Policies and             Nicholson
                                       Their Critics 1793-1905                         London
                                       (California State Univ. Fresno Library)

       Bamfield, Veronica            On the Strength: The Story of the British       London                    1974
                                       Army Wife

       Bannerji, S.N.                A Nation in Making                                                        1925

       Barber, Noel                  The Black Hole of Calcutta                      Collins                   1965

       Barlow, Glyn                  The Story of Madras                             Oxford Univ. Press,       1921

     * Barr, Pat                     The Dust in the Balance.  British Women         Hamish Hamilton           1989
                                       in India 1905-1945.

     * Barr, Pat                     The Memsahibs.  The Women of Victorian          Secker & Warburg          1976
                                       India.                                          London

       Barr, Pat &                   Simla.  A Hill Station in British India.        Scolar Press              1978
         Desmond, Ray                                                                  New York

       Barry, A.                     England's Mission in India                                                1895

       Basham, A.L.                  The Wonder That Was India                       London                    1956

       Basu, Major B. D.             The Colonization of India by                    R. Chatterjee,
                                       Europeans                                       Calcutta

       Bates, H.E.                   The Scarlet Sword                               Transworld, London        1963

       Baxter, Paul &                Race and Social Difference                      Penguin, Ringwood         1972
         Sansome, Basil (eds.)

       Bayly, C.A. (Ed.)             The Raj: India and the British:                 London                    1990

       Beals, G.                     Fire on Andes                                                             1934

       Beames, John                  Memoirs of a Bengal Civilian                    Windus                    1961

       Bearce, George D.             Brittish Attitudes Towards India:               Oxford Univ. Press,       1961
                                       1784-1858                                       London

       Belcher & Williamson          Migration within the Empire                     London                    1924

       Bell, A.                      Report of the Military Male Orphan              John Murry                1812
                                       Asylum at Madras                                London

       Bell, E.                      The English in India                                                      1858
                                       (Letters from Nagpur)

       Bellew, M.W.                  Memoirs of a Griffin: or A Cadet's              W.H. Allen                1843
                                       First Year in India                             London

       Bence-Jones, Mark             The Viceroys of India                           Constable                 1984

       Bennet, A.                    Ten Months of Captivity                         The 19th Century Press

       Bernier, Francois             Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-         Oxford Univ.              1914
                                       1668 (Translated on the basis of                Press
                                       Irving Brock's version and annotated
                                       by Archibald Constable [1891], 2nd ed.
                                       revised by Vincent A. Smith)

       Berry, B.                     Race and Ethnic Relations                       Houghton Mifflin,         1958

       Berry, John                   Flight of White Crows                           The Macmillan Co.,        1956
                                       (San Francisco Public Library)                  New York

       Bevan, Major H.               Thirty Years in India or A Soldier's            Pelham Richardson,        1839
                                       Reminiscences of Native & European Life         London
                                       in the Presidencies from 1808-1838 (2 Vols.)

     * Bey, Aleph                    That Eurasian                                   F. Tennyson Neely         1896
                                       (Univ. Texas Arlington Library)                 New York
                                       (should be a movie)

       Bhasin, Raja                  Simla - The Summer Capital of British India

       Bhatnagar, Satish             Bright Renown, La Martiniere College            La Martiniere College,    1995
                                       Lucknow 1845-1995                               Lucknow

       Biddulph, John                The Pirates of Malabar                          Smith Elder &             1907
                                                                                       Co., London

       Bidwell, Shelford             Swords for Hire: European Meercenaries          London                    1971
                                       in Eighteenth-Century India

       Birt, Bradley                 Poems of Henry Louis Vivian Derozio             Oxford Univ. Press

       Biswas, Nirendra Kumar        A Living Witness: St. James' Delhi              St. James Church          1991
                                                                                       Church of North India

       Blackford, Stan               One Hell of a Life!  The Autobiography
                                       of an Anglo Indian Moron: India 1920-1948

       Blaise, Clark &               Days and Nights in Calcutta                     Doubleday & Co.,          1977
         Bharati Mukherjee                                                             New York

       Blaker, Richard               Scabby Dickson

     * Blanch, Lesley                The Nine Tiger Man                              Atheneum,                 1965
                                       A Tale of Low Behaviour in High Places          New York, NY
                                       (San Francisco Public Library)

       Blechynden, Kathleen          Calcutta: Past and Present                      Surajit C. Das,           1905
                                       (University of Minnesota Library)               Calcutta

       Blunt, E.A.B.                 Christian Tombs and Monuments in                                          1911
                                       United Province

       Blunt, Edward                 The I.C.S., The Indian Civil                    Faber & Faber,            1937
                                       Service                                         Ltd., London

       Blunt, W.S.                   Indian Under Ripon (A Private Diary)                                      1882

       Bolt, Christine               Victorian Attitudes to Race                     Routledge & Kegan         1971
                                                                                       Paul, London

       Bolts, William                Considerations on Indian Affairs                J. Alman, London          1772

     * Bond, Ruskin &                Mussoorie & Landour                             Lustre Press Ltd.,        1992
         Ganesh Saili                  Days of Wine and Roses                          New Delhi

       Bond, Ruskin                  Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra

       Bond, Ruskin                  Rain in the Mountains

       Bond, Ruskin                  The Room on the Roof                            Coward-McCann, Inc.,      1956
                                       (Ygnacio Valley Library,                        New York
                                        Walnut Creek, CA)

       Booth, Martin                 Carpet Sahib (A Life of Jim Corbett)

       Boothby, Guy                  My Indian Queen                                 Ward Lock                 1901

       Bose, S.C.                    The Indian Struggle                                                       1964

       Bower, J.A.H.                 Ambition Mocked our Useful Toil                 G. Claridge & Co.         1939
                                       Autobiographical Sketches and                   Bombay
                                       Musings of Anglo-Indian Problems
                                       (The British Library - Oriental &
                                       India Office Collections)

       Boxer, C.R.                   Race Relations in the Portuguese                Clarendon Press           1963
                                       Colonial Empire, 1415-1825                      Oxford

       Boyd, W.C. &                  Races and People                                                          1958
         I. Assimore

       Braddon, E.N.                 Life in India

       Bradley, Birt                 Poems of Henry Louis Vivian Derozio,            Oxford Univ.              1923
                                       With An Introduction                            Press

       Brata, Sasthi                 India:  The Perpetual Paradox                   Rupa & Co.                1986

       Brennam, Jennifer             Curries and Bugles - A Cookbook of
                                        the British Raj

       Bromfield, Louis              Night in Bombay                                 Grosset and Dunlap,       1940
                                                                                       New York

       Bromfield, Louis              The Rains Came                                  Cassell, London           1939

       Broome, Captain Arthur        History of the Rise and Progress of             Sanders, Cones &          1850
                                       the Bengal Army                                 Co., Calcutta

       Broomehead, W.C.              A Short Account of the Lives of                                           1876
                                       Bishops of India

       Brown, A.C.                   An Ordinary Man's India

       Brown, Augustus S.            At Midnight Comes the Killer                    Thacker Spink & Co.,      1933

       Brown, Augustus S.            Shikar Near Calcutta

       Brown, Augustus S.            Stange Tales of Shikar

       Brown, Augustus S.            Crime and Religious Beliefs in India

       Brown, Augustus S.            Mysterious Crimes

       Brown, Hilton                 The Sahibs, the Life and the Ways of            William Hodge & Co.,      1948
                                       the British in India as Recorded by             London
                                       (San Francisco State Univ. Library)

       Brown, Judith                 Modern India:  The Origins of an                Oxford Univ. Press,       1985
                                       Asian Democracy                                 New York

       Brown, Melvyn                 Anglo-Indian Quiz

     * Brown, Melvyn                 The Melvyn Brown                                Anglo-Indian - the        1995
                                       Encyclopedia Anglo-Indian                       Newsletter, India

       Brown, Melvyn                 Woman Beyond Compare                            AFJ Apostolate of         1984
                                       The Life of Mary Ward                           the Word

       Brown, Melvyn                 World Famous Lovers                             Sterling Publishers,      1973
                                       (Biographies)                                   New Delhi

       Browne, F.                    Hockey:  The Game That Grows                    Patterson Brokensha       1960
                                                                                       Pty. Ltd., Perth

       Bruce, H.                     The Eurasians                                   John Long                 1913

       Bruce, John                   Annals of the Honourable East-Indian            Cox, Son &                1810
         (pseud.)                      Company (3 vols.)                               Baylis, London

       Buchanan, Rev. Claudius       Colonial Ecclesiastical Establishment           Cadell & Davies,          1813

       Buchanan, Rev. Claudius       Memoirs of the Life and Writings of             Samuel T. Armstrong,      1818
                                       the Rev. Claudius Buchanan (Ed. by              Boston
                                       Hugh Pearson)

       Buckland, C.E.                Dictionary of Indian Biography

       Buckland, C.J.                Sketches of Social Life in India

       Burchett, W.G.                Trek Back from Burma                            Kilabistan,               n.d.
                                       (San Francisco State Univ. Library)             Allahabad

       Burnell, John                 Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne,               Hakluyt Society,          1933
                                       Being an Account of the Settlement              London

       Burke, Sir Bernard &          A Genealogical and Heraldic History             Burke Publishing          1921
         Ashworth, P                   of the Peerage and Baronetage                   Co., London
                                       (Ed. by A. Wonthrop Thrope)
                                       (80th ed.)

       Burton, David                 The Raj at Table

       Burton, Richard F.            Goa and the Blue Mountains                      Richard Bentley,          1851

       Busteed, H.E.                 Echoes of Old Calcutta: Being Chiefly           Thacker, Spink & Co.      1888
                                       Reminiscences of the Days of Warren             Calcutta
                                       Hastings, Francis and Impey (2nd. ed)
                                       (Cal State Hayward Library)

       Cambell, W.                   British India                                                             1839

       Campos, Joachim               A History of the Portuguese in Bengal           Butterworth & Co.,        1919
         Joseph A.                     (Stanford University Library)                   Calcutta

       Candlin, Enid                 A Travelers Tale, Memories of India             MacMillan Pub Co.,        1974
                  Saunders                                                             New York

       Cardew, Sir Alexander         Hodson's Horse, 1857-1922                         London                  1928

       Cardew, Sir Alexander         The White Mutiny.  A Forgotten Episode          Constable & Co.,          1929
                                       In The History Of The Indian Army.              London
                                       (San Francisco Public Library)

     * Carey, W.H.                   The Good Old Days of Honorable                  Quins Book Co.,           1882
                                       John Company                                    Calcutta
                                       (Ed. by Amendra Nath Mookerji) 2nd ed.

       Carrington, Charles           Rudyard Kipling:  His Life and Work             Pelican                   1970

       Cathcart, M.                  A Tale of Early English Settlers                                          1892

     * Chailley, Joseph              Administrative Problems of British              Macmillan & Co.,          1910
                                       India (Trans. by William Meyer)                 London

       Chamberlain, M.E.             Britain and India: The Interaction              David & Charles,          1974
                                       of Two Peoples                                  Newton Abbot

       Chamberlain, Wiliam I.        Education in India                              Columbia Univ. Press      1899

       Chambers                      Usury, and its Relation to                                                1913
                                       Anglo-Indian Poverty

       Chatterton, Eyre              A History of the Church of England              Soc. for the Promotion    1924
                                       in India                                        of Christian Knowledge

       Chaudhuri, Nirad C.           The Continent of Circe:  An Essay on            Chatto & Windus,          1965
                                       the Peoples of India                            London

       Chaudhuri, Nirad C.           "The Finest Story About India--in               Simon & Schuster,         1972
                                       English"  The Age of Kipling.                   New York
                                       (Ed. by John Gross)

       Chirol, V.                    Indian Unrest                                                             1910

       Chirol, V.                    Indian Old and New                                                        1921

       Chirol, V.                    The Modern World, Vol. V India                                            1926
                                       (A Survey of Historical Forces)

       Chockoalingam,                The Origins of the Indo-Europeans                                         1935
         Pillaiv                       and Peoples

       Chota, Sahib                  India in the Melting Pot                        London                    1933
                                       (San Diego State Univ. Library)

       Clarke, T.G.                  The Fortunes of the Anglo-Indian Race           Higginbotham and Co.      1878
                                       are considered retrospectively and            Madras, 2nd ed.
                                       prospectively (at one time senior
                                       magistrate of Madras)

     * Clay, John                    John Masters                                    Penguin Group,            1992
                                       A Regimented Life                               London

       Cleeve, Roger                 The Toad Beneath the Harrow                     George Allen & Unwin      1969
                                                                                       Ltd., London

       Cleeve, Roger                 The Last Long Journey                           Scribners,                1969
                                                                                       New York

       Clemons, Mrs. Major           The Manners and Customs of Society              London                    1841
                                       in India

       Coatman, J.                   India in 1925-26                                Gov't. of India,          1926
                                                                                       Central Publ.
                                                                                       Branch, Calcutta

     * Coelho, Denise                Orchids and Algebra                             Intech Graphics,          1986
                                       The Story of Dow Hill School                    Great Britain

       Colesworthy-Grant             Anglo-Indian Domestic Life:  A Letter from      Calcutta                  1862
                                       an Artist in India to His Mother in England

       Collier, Richard              The Indian Mutiny                               Fontana Books

       Commissariat, M. S.           Mandelslo's Travels in Western India            Humphrey Milford,         1931
                                       (A.D. 1638-9)                                   London

       Compton, Herbert              Indian Life in Town and Country                 G. P. Putnam's            1905
                                                                                       Sons, New York

       Compton, Herbert              A Particular Account of the European            T. Fisher Unwin,          1892
                                       Military Adventurers of Hindustan               London
                                       from 1784-1803

       Condor, Josiah                The Modern Traveller                            Thomas Tegg & Son,

       Continental Railway           Indian Locomotives Part One -                   The Continental Railway
         Circle                         Broad Gauge 1851-1940                          Circle

       Continental Railway           Indian Locomotives Part Two -                   The Continental Railway
         Circle                         Metre Gauge 1872-1940                          Circle

       Copland, I.                   Europe's Great Game                             Oxford Univ. Press,

       Corbett, Jim                  My India                                        Oxford Univ. Press        1952

       Corbett, Jim                  The Temple Tiger: And More Man-Eaters           The Quality Book Club     1955
                                       of Kumaon

       Corbett, Jim                  Jim Corbett Omnibus
                                       (Two Volumes)

       Cornell, Louis                Kipling in India                                Macmillan,                1966
                                     (Contra Costa County Library, CA)                 London

       Cornish, H.                   Under the Southern Cross                        Higginbotham & Co.,       1880

       Corrie                        Memoirs of the Right Rev. Daniel Corrie         Seeley, Burnside &        1847
                                       (Compiled by his brother)                       Seeley, London

       Coser, Rose Lauber            The Family: Its Structures and Functions        St. Martin's, New York    1974

       Cotes, S.D.J.                 The Story of Sonny Sahib                        MacMillan                 1896

       Cotton, H.E.A.                Calcutta: Old and New

       Cowasjee, Saros               Goodbye to Elsa                                 New Press,                1974

       Crabb, C. H.                  Malay's Eurasians - An Opinion                  D. Moore for Eastern      1960
                                                                                       Univ. Press, Singapore

       Craddock, Reginald            The Dilemma in India                            Constable & Co.,          1929

     * Craig, Hazel Innes            Under the Old School Topee                      BACSA,                    1990

       Crawford, Arthur Travers      England Sympathizes with the Peoples
                                       Of India

       Crawford, Arthur Travers      Unrest in India                                 Bombay Gazette,           1908

       Crawford, D.G.                A History of the Indian Medical Service         London                    1914

       Crofton, Denis Hayes          Souvenirs of a Competition Wallah:
                                       Letter and Sketches from India 1932-1947

       Croker, Mrs. B.M.             In Old Madras                                   Hutchinson

       Cronin, Richard               Imagining India                                 St. Martin's Press,       1989
                                                                                       New York

       Crooke, William               Things Indian                                   John Murray, London       1906

       Cunha, T.B.                   Goa's Freedom Struggle                                                    1961

       Cunningham                    Chronicles of Dustypore                                                   1877

       Curzon                        Lord Curzon in India, Being a Selection         Macmillan & Co.,          1906
                                       from his Speeches as Viceroy and                London
                                       Governor-General of India, 1898-1905
                                       (Ed. by Sir Thomas Raleigh)

       Curzon                        Speeches by Lord Curzon of Kidleston, Viceroy
                                       and Governor-General of India, 1898-1901

     * Cyrill, Christopher           The Ganges and its Tributaries                  McPhee Gribble            1993

       Dalvi, J.P.                   Himalayan Blunder                               Bombay                    1969

       Danbers, Frederick            The Portuguese in India Being a                 W. H. Allen &             1894
         Charles                       History of the Rise and Decline                 Co., London
                                       of Their Eastern Empire. Vol. I

       Danver, Frederick C.          The Portuguese in India Being a                 Octagon Books,            1966
                                       History of the Rise and Decline of              New York
                                       Their Eastern Empire

       Darton, F.J. Harvey (Ed.)     The Life of Mrs. Sherwood (1775-1851):          London                    1910
                                       From the Diaries of Captain and Mrs. Sherwood

       Das, Man Singh                The Family in Asia                              George Allen & Unwin,     1979

       Davis, H. P.                  Black Democracy: The Story of Haiti             Longmans, Green &         1928
                                                                                       Co., New York

       Davis, K.                     Population of India and Pakistan                                          1951

       Davies, Arthur &              Three Hundred Anglo-Indians
         Ewing, R. L.

       De Grandpre, L.               Voyage dans l'inde et au Bengale fait dans      Paris                     1801
                                       les annees 1789 et 1790 (2 vols.)

       Derozio, Henry                The Fakeer of Jungheera, a metrical             Samuel Smith & Co.,       1828
                                       tale and other poems                            Calcutta

       Derozio, Henry                Poems                                           Baptist Mission Press,    1827

       Derozio, Henry                Poems of a Forgotten Anglo-Indian Poet          Oxford Univ. Press,       1980

     * Derozio, Henry                Poems of Henry Louis Vivian Derozio             Oxford Univ. Press,       1923
                                       (San Francisco State Univ. Library)             Calcutta

       Derozio, Henry                The Poems of H.L.V. Derozio                     Writer's Workshop,        1972

       Derozio, Henry                The Poetical Works of Henry Louis               Santo & Co.,              1907
                                       Vivian Derozio                                  Calcutta

       Desai, A.R.                   Social Background of Indian Nationalism                                   1959

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       Dewar, Douglas                In the Days of the Company                                                1920

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         S. Williamson

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                                       (Sonoma State College Library)                  New York

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         Miles, J.S.                   of the Indian Army                              and Co.,  London

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                                                                                       Co., Ltd.

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                                        (The British Library - Humanitites
                                        and Social Sciences at Great Russell Street)

     * Dover, Cedric                 Cimmerii? Or Eurasians and Their                The Modern Art            1929
                                       Future                                          Press, Calcutta
                                       (Univ. of Illinois Library)

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       Dover, Cedric                 The Eurasian Voice

       Dover, Cedric                 Feathers in the Arrow

     * Dover, Cedric                 Half-Caste                                      Martin Secker &           1937
                                       (Univ. of Calif. Los Angeles Library)           Warburg Ltd.,

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                                       Children                                        Warburg Ltd.,
                                       (Alabama A. & M. Univ. Library)                 London

       Dover, Cedric                 Henry Derozio: Eurasian Poet,                   Calcutta                  1930
                                       Preceptor and Philosopher

       Dover, Cedric                 I Keep and Pass

       Dover, Cedric                 Know This of Race

       Dover, Cedric                 Singing Brown

       Dover, Cedric                 Sun Gonna Shine

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         C.M. Duvall

     * Duyker, Edward &              Molly and the Rajah                             Australian Mauritian      1991
         Coralie Younger               Race, Romance and the Raj                       Press

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                                       Journals and Memoirs of British Men             Delhi
                                       and Women in the Indian Subcontinent,

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                                       in Experimental Biology

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                                                                                       New York

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